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Find out the advanced spying possibilities.
Get full entry to the children’s device.

Registro de llamadas

View all incoming and outgoing calls. Get the detailed reposts (duration, date, contact).

Mensajes de texto

Monitor all sent and received messages (even deleted SMS). See the contact data.

Lista de contactos

Check the contact list from the child’s cell phone. See the deleted and renamed ones too.

Ubicación GPS

Monitor with the spy app the location and the visited places.

Registrador de teclas

Receive the updates about all Logs typed on the device. Including keystrokes and passwords.

Control remoto de los ajustes

Change all the device settings as if you are the owner of it.

Actualización automática

Learn more from the regular screenshot updates. The info in the table on your dashboard.

Estado en línea en redes sociales

Find out the person’s online status See the exact duration of the online activity.

Sustitución de tarjeta SIM

Find out the moment the targeted SIM card was replaced. Get the updated info.


Have the detailed reports using the phone number of the person you want to monitor.

Instalación en un clic

Start the spying app usage with the easy and understandable installation process.

Lista de aplicaciones instaladas

See all the apps placed on a person's phone. Check the most commonly used ones.

Registro de tiempo de uso de aplicaciones

Learn more about The duration of the usage of the application. Find the reports on your dashboard.


Receive fresh notifications about the new online activities on the Person’s phone.

Información del dispositivo

Have all information about the device you want to track with the help of a spying app.

Detector de apps espía

Get the notification when the other spying app has been started to be used.


Track all chats, video conversations, and contact list.

Facebook messenger

Read all the text messages, have the entry to video chats.


Watch out for the calls history and the chats messages.


Find out the hidden chats and the most commonly used.


See the text messages, and the deleted ones too.


Read all the conversations, have entry to the hidden info.


Get the screenshot from the video calls to your dashboard.


Watch out for the contact list, chats, and the calls.


Learn more about the most commonly used contacts.


Have all the textual content from this messenger.

Servicio de mensajería de Signal

Read the chats, have the screenshots from the calls.

Rastreador para Facebook

Act as if you are the account owner. Read chats, see reactions and follower list.


Track the person’s account, change settings, read all the chats, and see likes.


Find out the most commonly used chats, see followers’ interactions.


Get admission to the account from the inside. See everything you need.


See all the reactions, saved video content, and get access to the settings.


Find out all conversations, even the hidden ones. Act if you are the profile owner.


See the secret info, look through the follower’s list, read all the chats.

Aplicaciones de citas

Find out if any dating apps are used on the device being tracked.


See all the photo content on the person’s device. Find out the deleted photos.


Have the admission to see the videos from the targeted phone. Track the deleted content.

Registro de uso del navegador

Have the updates via screenshots being made every five minutes.

Historial del navegador

Get the information about the browser history of the device needed.

Marcadores del navegador

See what site the person saves. Learn more about the context he/she is looking for.

Escáner de buzón

Have the updates from the person’s mailbox. Check the new mails.

Captura de cámara

Monitor the video conversations through the screenshots. Receive the info to your dashboard.

Transmisión de vídeo

Have the updated info about every video stream from the person’s cell phone.

Transmisión de audio

Get the audio records of the calls and conversations. Check the time and duration.

Mensajes eliminados

Find out all the deleted (erased) messages from the cell phone you track on.

Llamadas eliminadas

Monitor the info about the deleted incoming and outgoing calls.

Contactos eliminados

Track the deleted contact from the contact list of the person’s phone.

Contactos con nombre cambiado

Get the update about the renamed contacts on the tracking device.

Eliminar apps no deseadas

Get the possibility to delete the apps from the kid’s phone with the spying app.

Restringir apps

Change the settings and restrict some app you consider to be harmful.

Bloquear sitio web

Get the possibility to block inappropriate websites to save your kid from the content.

Block Wi-Fi

Block the Wi-Fi connection every time you think it is unnecessary for the child usage.

Bloquear dispositivo

Block the cell phone or tablet whenever it is needed remotely with the uMobix spying app.

Desactivar mensajes

Find out the contacts you want to limit in sending any messages to the kid’s cell phone.

Restringir llamadas

Set the limits on the incoming and outgoing calls. Block the contact from the contact list.

App adicional para padres y madres

Use the additional apps that will help to check all the kid’s cyber activity. Don’t miss details.

Ajuste el período de almacenamiento de los datos

Make changes in the phone data storage. Check the info about it with the spying app.

The major online risk statistics for 2021

...% of issues threatening kid’s safety

Sexual content
Drugs / alcohol
Mental Health

Online harassment seems to be one of the most serious issues of today's Internet usage. According to January 2021 statistics, 75% of cyber-harassment victims come from Facebook. By the way, the most commonly targeted groups of people are those who are from 14-29 years old. The tracking app will be a helpful tool to learn more about your kid’s safety.

The most common cybercrimes are concerning personal data (as well as bank cards data) and stolen credentials. Attackers use the social engineering method for their actions(it raised 8% in comparison with the year 2020). 95% of communication platforms users share their data via the platforms. As a result, the scammers get all the chances to commit cybercrimes.

The sexual content issues became a great part of the parental concerns. 15% of children use the “sext” while messaging (adult video and photo content). The statistics for inappropriate content watching is 79% among kids and teens of 8-13 years. The online activity provides an enormous amount of possibilities for kids that can be mentally harmful and out of the age norms.

Now messengers are the strategic objects for alcohol and drugs sale. 47% of teens buy narcotic products through the Telegram channels. In that way, Snapchat and Instagram take second place after the Telegram app for easy drug purchasing in the USA. To protect your child from harmful product influence it is worth it to use the spying app and monitor the risks.

Cyberbullying can happen anytime, anywhere, and with anyone who has digital devices. 36,5% of kids experienced cyberbullying in one or form, including hateful comments, racist jokes, or even physical threats. Most kids suffer in silence and don’t report incidents. Cell phone tracker is a powerful helper for parents in detecting and preventing such dangers.

Cyber violence can be the form of rude actions against a person. The year 2021 showed mournful statistics for this problem - 47% of Internet users suffer from violent attacks daily. 33% are children. Blackmails, ransom calls, threats all these issues are considered to be cyber violence. If the case concerns kids, there is no doubt that the spying parental app should be used.

There is no secret that online activity takes an enormous part in people’s lives. 85% of Americans say that they spend too much time browsing the Internet. But does this activity influence human behavior? Of course, kids are the first to be at risk. Keep the finger on the pulse of time your child spends on entertaining platforms and other Internet activities with the uMobix phone spy app for Android and iPhone.

The day-by-day kid’s Internet browsing seems to be an activity that goes without any harm. But it can swallow the little user, his/her mind, and time. As a result, the psychiatry investigations showed the risky statistics: 70.9% are exposed to mental disorders after the long-time usage of the Internet world. The last one includes social communicative places, forums, and different messenger channels.

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logotype uMobix
The phone spy software user can use no jailbreak methods to start the tracking with uMobix. Highster requires it.
No jailbreak needed
It's a long way from the Highster app on Android devices. With uMobix get 5-minute access to the phone and proceed with the instructions.
Easy to install spy app for Android
Use the iOS credentials to start the work of the phone spy app. No physical access is needed using both apps.
Easy to install spy app for iPhone
See all the accounts information with uMobix. The Highster gives no access to messengers.
All messengers tracking
Monitor targeted social media accounts using uMobix. No such options with Highster.
Social media monitoring
The screenshots are done every 5 minutes on the device needed from uMobix cell phone spy app. It won’t be possible with Highster.
Screenshot updates
The support team is available for all your questions concerning the order or payment process.
24-hour available support
The phone spy software can work easily in hidden mode. The Android device provides the possibility to hide the icon, and the iOS - to use via credentials.
Stealth Mode
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The uMobix tracker is compatible with Android and iPhone devices

Works on all Android OS 4+
(Models from October 31, 2013)
Works with all iPhones and iPads

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Selina Kyle

Compared to other top-rated apps, I found umobix better in either pricing, monitoring performance (mainly insta and Snapchat) and customer service 24/7. They have been very helpful with questions and it is one of the only apps that installs itself on the target phone once you download the app - pretty nifty and a lot less frustrating. Worth it to try it in my opinion.

Gerry Gail

Customer service and technical support are AWESOME! I had some minor technical issues, when I called for help they answered. Anyone else you will receive a voicemail..I love the dashboard of this phone spy app for Android and iPhone and the price is right. I have had to leave three other companies like this but I have found an excellent one today!!

Wilson Mattins

I’m giving this guy 5 stars! The service provided was fast, informative, and friendly. After being scammed by various people, I was losing confidence in finding somebody to deliver the service I needed and believed it couldn’t be done, however, I was wrong. Insta ID handle trippletechexpert proved it all wrong and helped me out. 100% recommend.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Does uMobix spy app work in real-time?

The user can get all the information about the targeted person's online activity via screenshots. They are made automatically every 5 minutes. That is why you can track everything you need in real-time.

Can I track someone’s location with the help of a phone?

Yes, just using the uMobix spying app you get to watch out for the person’s GPS location. Get the detailed report to your account dashboard.

Can accounts be monitored with the help of uMobix spying app?

Of course. You can track every information you need after buying a subscription plan. Just install the uMobix spyware on the Android targeted device, or use the credentials of the iOS phone and start to track all media activities.

Can I change the settings on the person’s phone via the spying app?

Yes, you’ll get the possibility to act as if you are the phone owner.

How can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

The spy apps work is based on two ways of usage: with and without installation. Concerning the iOS device, there is no need to place the software on it for tracking. Credentials are the main thing needed.

How to find hidden spy apps on iPhone?

The iPhone gadget can be tracked with the help of spyware as well as the Android one. So, the first and the main sign of your cell phone being spied on is the degraded battery. It will run much faster than it normally does. The spy app for iPhone influences the battery considerably.

Can I get the information about the calls and contact list?

Yes, the information indeed concerns the main uMobix features, that’s why you’ll get it after the subscription plan is purchased. Find out everything about the incoming and outgoing calls. See the renamed contacts.

How to find hidden spy apps on Android?

Somebody can have the idea to track your cell phone. A spy app for Android Installation is needed to track the gadget. As a rule, the app is hidden after being placed on the device for the owner not to recognize it. But some signs can show the spy app: the location symbol is displayed from time to time, the phone is rooted, and there are some unknown apps on the list of uploaded programs.