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data breach
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What Is a Data Breach?
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public network
The Risks of Public WiFi: Why a Public Network Can Be Dangerous

Many people use a public network to stay connected outside their homes, and connecting to it can be pretty helpful. Usually, the person connects to a network, clicks on an agreement, and is ready to be on the Internet. However, in some cases, security on public WiFi can be a big issue. What Is Public […]

incognito mode
Is Incognito Mode Browsing Really Private? Short Answer: No

On your Internet browser or another app, you may have seen something called “Incognito Mode.” Usually, the mode is represented by a spy or another secrecy symbol. But is it truly private? Well, not exactly. Let’s explain. What Is Incognito Mode? This kind of setting involves a browsing session on an Internet browser or app […]

parental control apps
10 Reasons to Get Parental Control Apps

We live in a generation that has fully abandoned the analog era. People often rely on the convenience of technology to perform their everyday duties, but this comes with a price. Technological advancement has resulted in the growth of the internet and social media apps. And in many respects, this has been turned into a […]

scareware facebook
What Is Scareware? And How to Spot Online Scareware Facebook Scams?

Welcome to the twenty-first century, where practically everything is done online. As fantastic as the Internet might be, fraudsters have continued to come up with new ways to take advantage of their victims. Have you ever gotten unexpected pop-up warnings while browsing the Internet suggesting that your device is afflicted with a slew of viruses? […]

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remote computer access
Remote Computer Access: What Is It and What Are the Risks?

Remote computer access involves a person accessing another computer through remote software. For example, if you are on vacation, you may want remote access to important computer files. In addition, some tech supporters may use a remote desktop connection to help you fix any problems you have. What Is Remote Computer Access? Remote computer access […]

cyber crime
Online Safety
What Is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime (also written as cybercrime) involves any crime committed using a computer and a network. Cybercrimes often involve hacking, identity theft, or other acts of espionage. It’s estimated that 59% of Americans are victims of cyber hacking. What makes cyber crime such a threat is that it’s constantly evolving and targets vulnerabilities in computers […]

Online Safety
Cyberstalking: Help Protect Yourself Against Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is a crime. This post will help you define what it is and what you can do about it. What Is Cyberstalking? Cyberstalking, or Internet stalking, involves using the Internet or similar methods to harass or stalk an individual or a group. Often, a stalker does not only stalk online but in real life […]

spam text messages
Dealing with Spam Text Messages and Unwanted Calls

It is possible to block unwanted spam messages and calls. We will show you how. One issue that many people face nowadays is their phones being inundated with robocalls and spam texts. It has gotten so bad that many people might not even pick up their phones because they think it is a scammer and […]

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