Advanced cell phone monitoring for parents

The most easy and efficient way to stay informed. Watch everything your kids are doing with the help of our advanced tracking features.
Call history

Call history

An essential tool for parents who want to keep tabs on kid social interactions: track incoming, outgoing, missed, and even deleted phone calls with all details.
Text Messages

Text Messages

Cell phone monitoring won’t give you the whole picture unless there is a feature that lets you read text messages. How else will you find out what your kids are secretly buying or receiving confirmation codes for?
Social Apps

Social Apps

What kind of content your kids see on Instagram? Navigate Facebook and Instagram home page, get access to WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, TikTok, Snapchat, Skype, Line.
GPS Location Tracker

GPS Location Tracker

Our advanced GPS-tracker along with the comprehensive interactive map is parent’s best way to track their kid’s movements. Check how it works!
Access to control the target device

Access to control the target device

Get access to the key settings of your child’s device. Restrict access to some of the phone’s functions to ensure your kid is safe from any online threat. All the managing functions are also available in the additional app for parents.

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With uMobix, you can get access to your kid’s smartphone camera and microphone. No matter where your child is at the moment, you can see or hear in real-time what surrounds your child at the moment.
View deleted info

View deleted info

We all know that the most important stuff often gets deleted. Your child might want to hide something from you, but with uMobix, they won’t be able to do it. You will be able to see every deleted call, contact, or message, as well as renamed contacts.

Advanced cell phone monitoring for parents.

The most easy and efficient way to stay informed.
Watch everything your kids are doing with the help of our advanced tracking features.

Frequently asked questions

How can I monitor a cell phone without them knowing?

You can install uMobix cell phone monitoring app on your child’s Android phones when they’re away. It takes just 5 minutes to complete the whole process. Once you’ve installed the app and link devices, uMobix will record all activities in stealth mode. Don’t forget to remove the icon from the menu while installing. For Apple devices, the process is a lot easier: just provide iCloud credentials of the target device, and start tracking instantly. The icon will not appear, because you won’t need to install the app on the device.

Should parents monitor their kids cell phones?

Cell phone monitoring for parents includes tracking what kids are doing online in order to prevent dangers, such as cyberbullying, gaming, sexting, and other things that the Internet is full of. There is nothing shameful or extraordinary in your desire to be sure your kid is not involved in the unhealthy activity. All in all, kids are too naive to recognize dangers, besides, not every kid is an open book: it can be hard for some to confide in. Keeping an eye to the ground is an inevitable part of modern parenting. It doesn’t require much of your time or money to make sure everything is all right. A cell phone monitoring app is just a small digital helper that comes in handy each time you get concerned about your kid’s whereabouts.

How can I see my child's text messages on my phone?

uMobix is a cell phone monitoring app that allows you to track your kid’s iMessages right from your phone. Just install the app (for Android devices), or provide iCloud ID and password (for Apple devices), follow all instructions, and start tracking messages. The content of each message along with names & timestamps will be delivered to your user account, available from any browser.

Why do you need cell phone monitoring software?

Cell phone monitoring for parents is an additional tool to guard their kid’s online safety. Of course, a lot of conversation and interaction is the main way to teach your kids the safety basics. However, sometimes, you just have to discover what’s going on if your kid’s behavior has rapidly changed. Cell phone monitoring will help you detect the most serious dangers, such as drug abuse, sexting, gaming, cyberbullying.

Is there a way to monitor text messages?

Sure, with the help of uMobix cell phone monitoring app you will view all text messages sent, received, and deleted by user. You’ll be able to read the content of each message & track list of the most popular contacts.

How can I monitor my child's Facebook messenger?

With the help of uMobix cell phone monitoring app, you can regularly receive information from a target Facebook messenger: text messages, video calls, shared stickers, photos and videos, etc. To start, choose your subscription plan, open the instruction we’ll send you via email. Follow it and start monitoring in 10 minutes.

What are benefits of Cell Phone Monitoring Software?

With cell phone monitoring software in your pocket, you can ALWAYS be aware of what your family members are doing, where they are, what they see online, who calls them. It is your safeguard against digital threats, which helps you predict & prevent dangerous situations, saving your time and nerves. Being always informed gives you control and peace of mind. That’s why cell phone monitoring for parents is a great investment and a huge time-saver.

Can you monitor a cell phone without Installing Software?

For Androids, you should install the phone monitoring software on a target device first. But don’t worry, you will need to have a target phone at your disposal for just 10 minutes. It’s not that hard given that kids are getting distracted throughout the day for several times. If your kid owns an iPhone, you’ll just provide its iCloud ID and password in your account without physically downloading the app on your kid’s phone or tablet. Our installation wizard will guide you through the installation, and our support team will help you if any questions come up.

How to monitor an iPhone without jailbreak? Is it possible?

uMobix cell phone monitoring doesn’t jailbreak devices to retrieve data. The monitoring of all iOS devices is based on the iCloud credentials that a user provides. Every bit of data that has a backup on iCloud is available for monitoring. On Androids, a cell phone monitoring app is physically installed on a device and pulls data stored on it.

What about phone monitoring compatibility?

uMobix cell phone monitoring app is compatible with all iOS and Androids devices.

Is your monitoring app undetectable?

Yes, uMobix runs in stealth mode, which makes it impossible for kids to tamper. For parents, it’s the best way as of today to control kid’s activities.

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