uMobix Android Tracker

Start monitoring in 5 minutes!

Monitor every step of your kids by getting full instant access to their Android devices.

  • Track all messaging apps
  • Access Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, TikTok
  • Monitor GPS-location, text messages, phone calls
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Responsible support


Monitor 30+ popular apps and social media platforms

Be aware of everything that goes on in their phones or tablets


  • Quick Installation

    Installing uMobix is an easy process that takes up to 10 minutes. It doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy to start using the Android tracker.

  • All messaging apps

    With uMobix, you can access all popular messengers that exist on the market, including Zoom, Line, WeChat, and others.

  • Real-time updates

    Don’t miss crucial events. Staying informed about your kid’s whereabouts allows you to react quickly in case of emergency. That’s why we update data every 5 minutes.



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    uMobix is supported on all Android phones and tablets. Want to double-check? Enter the model of your target device in this field and check if it’s compatible.

    How does it work?

    • Register

      You have access to the target iOS device for 5 minutes, which means you either know the screen password or you can manage to get into an unlocked phone.

    • Install

      Take your child’s device and install uMobix on it following instructions in your user account.

    • Monitor

      The Facebook app is installed on the target device and the back up is being made from time to time.

    Frequently asked questions

    Can I spy on an Android phone remotely?

    Absolutely. But you need to have access to the Android phone you wish to control to enable installation. Once you’ve installed the app on a target Android phone, you can secretly monitor its activities from your user account, available from any browser.

    Is uMobix Android phone tracker visible on a monitored device?

    By default, the icon is visible in the menu. However, you will be offered to hide the icon while installing the Android tracker.

    What phone brands are compatible with uMobix Android phone tracker?

    Our Android tracker works on all Android devices. If you would like to double-check the compatibility, enter the model of the Android phone you’d like to track into the field on the main page and see if it’s compatible.

    How often the data is updated?

    By default, data synchronization is performed every 5 minutes. There is an option to change this interval in settings.

    Is uMobix Android phone tracking app legal?

    It is absolutely legal to use uMobix Android tracker if:
    -You own the device you’re going to monitor;
    -You’ve informed the designated users that their activities are being watched.

    Is a spy app able to track the location of Android devices?

    Yes, the Android tracker allows you to monitor an accurate location of users, view their location history, locate the places visited on the map.

    How can I spy on messengers with the help of uMobix Android tracker?

    Our Android tracker monitors and obtains information from target devices in stealth mode. All recorded data is gathered into reports and sent to your userspace, where you track chats, pull media files shred through the texts, view group conversations. Data is refreshed every 5 minutes, so you can track what a target user is doing in Messengers at a particular moment.

    How can I find hidden messages on an Android device?

    Whatever users do on their phones, uMobix Android tracker captures & records. All data logs are then sent to the web servers where they’re stored and also presented in your account. That’s why even if a user deletes or hides messages, they are tracked, saved, and delivered to your userspace nevertheless. You can find them in the section “Messages,” which is located under the “Contact Book.” Those messages that have been erased by the user are marked as “deleted.”

    uMobix vs. free Android spy apps? What's the benefit?

    There are no free Android spy apps as of today. All products presented on the market have price. uMobix Android Tracker is considered one of the most powerful Android trackers because it allows users to monitor all messaging apps. It is equipped with the advanced GPS-tracker, has a quick and comprehensive installation process, intuitive interface, and responsible support, ready to help users whenever needed. Such a combination of features and service usually comes at a much higher price, but uMobix is still affordable for everyone; besides, it offers a 7-day trial for only 3 USD.

    How can I monitor my child's text messages on Android? Is it possible to do it online?

    Our Android tracker provides you with full & comprehensive reports on your kid's messaging, enabling you to view each message's content, track all sent, received, and deleted messages, get contact info, names, timestamps.

    Is Android monitoring app safe?

    uMobix Android tracker will never disclose your personal information to anyone; it is contained behind secured networks with all sensitive/credit information encrypted.

    Can I track an Android phone from another phone?

    Your user account where data is displayed is accessible from any browser on computers, mobile phones, and tablets. All you need to do is make sure the Internet connection is stable.