Signal messenger

  • Monitor every ongoing Signal activity on your kid’s device.
  • Find out if your child is using encrypted signal chats.
  • See all their incoming and outgoing messages.
  • See even deleted messages and calls on your dashboard.
Signal messenger

What is a signal messenger feature for?

Even though the Signal messenger app is considered a king among various messaging applications because of its privacy and security, uMobix can track it. Our team made sure to include Signal to the list of messengers that can be tracked on your child’s phone. No matter how secure the messenger is, you can track everything your child is doing there through your dashboard. This is a scanning feature that displays all the Signal ongoing activities in chronological order. The Signal spy from uMobix helps you to keep track of all the messaging activities and know what secret chats and shared media files are hidden inside the app. Despite the fame of being a well-secured and private app, uMobix software can give you instant access to all of your kid’s activities there. The Signal Spy feature is a tool to track all chats, contacts, and shared media, as well as encrypted chats. To monitor your child’s Signal, you don’t need to do much - install the software and access your dashboard. uMobix will take care of the rest.

Why do you need to know what’s inside their Signal?

The market for messaging apps is big today. However, the Signal app found its way to stand out. It is well-known to be one of the most secure and safe messaging applications available on the market. Despite all its high security, it doesn’t mean Signal messenger cannot be tracked. With uMobix you get access to all the messages, contacts, and other ongoing activities. Your child might use this messenger to hide something since they believe it’s more secure. Or it could be vice-versa - frauds or online predators might use Signal in order to keep themselves incognito. The uMobix Signal spy has no limitations and can provide you with complete access to your child’s activities. There is no chance to miss any important messages since all of them will be displayed on your dashboard. With the data update every 5 seconds, you will be aware of everything your kid might want to hide from you. The Signal can really be the most secure messaging app. However, it doesn’t mean uMobix cannot get access to your kid’s Signal. Use this feature if you want to know everything your kid is doing on their device, even secretly from you.

How does the Signal messenger feature work?

No matter what feature you want to use first, you need to complete the installation process. For this, make sure you can get your child’s smartphone for only a couple of minutes. Within this short period of time you will manage to set up uMobix software and let it start tracking. Once the first setup is completed, from now on, you will only need to open your dashboard for any monitoring or managing. The Signal spy is one of the messenger tracking features that show you everything with the help of screenshots. As soon as your child goes inside the app, you will start receiving new screenshots of the latest activities. To review them, you need to find a Signal messenger tab on your userspace. This is the place where all the data about your kid’s Signal is stored for the period of 90-180 days. The Signal spy feature will keep you informed about everything your kid does inside the app using screenshots. They are uploaded to your uMobix dashboard every 5 seconds and show you all the needed data.

Signal messenger

3 easy steps to start tracking

  • Register

    Choose your subscription plan. Complete the purchase and receive the email with your login & password.
  • Install & Set up

    Install uMobix on a target Android device, or provide iCloud credentials of a target iOS device in your user account.
  • Monitor

    Go to your account and wait until we start sending data. Enjoy your tracking!

Frequently asked questions

Can Signal be spied on?

Yes, you can spy on Signal and all the other common messaging applications with the help of dedicated tracking apps. uMobix gives you access to all the popular apps, including Signal. With its help, you can easily track all messages, contacts, and shared media files. All the data is saved on your userspace with screenshots.

Can you see on Signal if someone is online?

While you can easily activate or disable online status and last seen indicator on WhatsApp, Signal messenger does not have such an opportunity. There is no online status feature on Signal. However, if you want, you can leave the typing indicator active. To track someone on Signal, use uMobix and get access to all messages.

Does Signal notify you of screenshots?

If it happens that your Signal messenger is being tracked or spied on, you won’t know about it. The Signal does not let you know if any screenshots are taken while you use the app. Such software like uMobix works in stealth mode and does not let the target user find out they are being spied on.

What is screen security on Signal?

Screen security is a unique tool available in Signal. You can use it when you want the Signal screen to remain invisible while switching between the apps and preventing any screenshot of your conversation from being taken by someone else. However, it doesn’t stop uMobix from tracking someone’s signal messenger.

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