How to block websites on android with no root?

The Internet is a whole dangerous world with a lot of inappropriate pages. If you want to find out how to block websites on android with noroot – here are two the most reliable options! Reasons To Block Websites On Android Phones! The Internet is a whole different world. Full of beautiful places, precious knowledge, and friendly communities. But, as well as the real world it is full of dark corners. Adult content, gambling, racists and...

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Teen Cell Phone Addiction

For a teen and even for a kid, it is Ok to have a smartphone. This little device helps to be in touch with friends and parents wherever you are. It gives you access to the Internet and helps a lot in school, everyday life, and having fun. Teenagers use their smartphones in almost all activities, including social interactions and studying. Cell phones are too useful nowadays. And that’s why over 84% of teens own one. But you have to distinguish...

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