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catfishing on social media
online safety
What Is Catfishing? The Key Dangers of Fake Identities on the Internet

Catfishing is when a person pretends to be someone else, usually on a fake social media account. Someone who is catfishing targets a specific person usually, and the person who does it can have many motivations. Catfishing on social media may be due to the victim being willing to give money to the fake profile, […]

porn for kids
online safety
What to Do If Your Kid Is Exposed to Pornography

In recent times, many parents have been plagued with one common problem, “my child is looking at inappropriate things online.” In today’s digital age, porn for kids is increasingly becoming popular. A report by AIFS shows that nearly half of the kids between the ages of 9-16 experience regular exposure to pornographic content. With this finding, many […]

cyber hygiene
online safety
Cyber Hygiene – Everything You Should Know for Your Safety Online

Like personal hygiene, cyber hygiene is important, especially now that we shop, learn, and do a lot online. You’ll find out all about it! Good Cyber Hygiene Habits to Help You Stay Online Safely Cyber hygiene involves adopting certain habits that help protect your devices from hackers or attacks by a virus. Cyber hygiene habits […]

online safety
What Is Doxing and How to Prevent It?

People are more careful than ever before about revealing personal information due to the ups and downs of modern life. The availability of hackers and the number of money individuals are willing to spend on collecting such personal information (especially if you are a public figure) mean that people will continue to devise ways to […]

cyber crime
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What Is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime (also written as cybercrime) involves any crime committed using a computer and a network. Cybercrimes often involve hacking, identity theft, or other acts of espionage. It’s estimated that 59% of Americans are victims of cyber hacking. What makes cyber crime such a threat is that it’s constantly evolving and targets vulnerabilities in computers […]

online safety
Cyberstalking: Help Protect Yourself Against Cyberstalking

Cyberstalking is a crime. This post will help you define what it is and what you can do about it. What Is Cyberstalking? Cyberstalking, or Internet stalking, involves using the Internet or similar methods to harass or stalk an individual or a group. Often, a stalker does not only stalk online but in real life […]

virus protection
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How to Safely Access the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Surface Webs

Is it possible to access the dark web? This article will tell you everything there is to know! If you know anything about the Internet, you’ve probably heard there is more to it than just the websites you find on Google. Like an onion, the Internet has many layers, and you may not know how […]

cyber security
online safety
Cyber Security on Parental Control Applications – uMobix

Because of technological advancements, many schools have encouraged parents to promote the use of gadgets such as computers and phones among their children. However, this initiative was initially designed to gradually introduce children to the rapidly evolving digital realm. The pandemic caused school closures worldwide, but because learning must continue, some schools decided to implement […]

virus protection
online safety
How to Keep Your Kids Safe in a Virus-Ridden Internet

As one knows, the Internet is filled with viruses, leading to your children (or even you) possibly downloading one to your PC if they’re not careful. This post will tell you about the latest dangers of the Internet, including viruses and the best antivirus software. The Dangers of Internet Use for Kids The Internet is […]

risks of online gaming
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What Are the Risks of Online Gaming?

Today each parent tries to keep the finger on the pulse of children’s activity. The risks of online gaming become more and more obvious. So, let’s dive into this topic. Online Gaming Dangers In moderation, gaming can be fun for you or your child to unwind. However, with online video games, there are risks you […]

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