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risks of online gaming
online safety
What Are the Risks of Online Gaming?

Today each parent tries to keep the finger on the pulse of children’s activity. The risks of online gaming become more and more obvious. So, let’s dive into this topic. Online Gaming Dangers In moderation, gaming can be fun for you or your child to unwind. However, with online video games, there are risks you […]

online predators
online safety
Predators and Trafficking

As a parent, you want to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet. Unfortunately, predators are all around the Web, and they could target your child. Many will target a child to engage in rape, grooming, or trafficking. While this can be a horrifying thought, it’s sadly a reality. However, you can keep […]

stop cyberbullying
online safety
How to Stop Cyberbullying: What Every Parent Should Know

Cyberbullying happens when a person is expressing falsified publications, uncensored content, defaming SMS, or spam message via electronic channels of communication. Thus, parents must know how to stop cyberbullying. This may sometimes include threatening to publicize the nudity of a person’s image or recorded voice notes of informal communication to tarnish such individual personality. Children […]

signs of grooming
online safety
What Is Grooming? Signs to Look for in Sexual Predators

We understand how upsetting it’s to learn that your kid has been groomed. Are you unsure how to proceed further or what you can do to protect your child and prevent this from happening in the first place? We’re here to provide you with all the assistance you may need to keep children and teenagers […]

online safety
Gmail for Kids: Everything Parents and Families Need to Know

In the past, Yahoo and Hotmail were the main platforms for email communication. However, now Gmail is the leading service because of the multiple safety and privacy benefits. It is also more convenient to use and compatible with all devices. As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your kid safe from online dangers […]

Sexting Laws
online safety
State-by-State Differences in Sexting Laws

What Is Sexting?  Sexting is a portmanteau word: a clever blend of the terms sex and texting into one. But what exactly is sexting?   Sexting is the sending, receiving, and group-sharing of sexually explicit texts, images, and videos of oneself, or others, via an electronic device that facilitates it: a tablet, computer, or cell phone. […]

Social Media Depression
online safety
Social Media Depression: How to Protect Teens

Latest estimates show that more than 4 billion people use online networks around the world. As such, it would be appropriate to say that social media deserves a high degree of attention and research from the medical community. After all, since many people use social media sites like Facebook daily and for several hours on […]

Web Filter for android
online safety
Web filter solution for Android

Today the Internet has nearly all the educational and entertaining content and tools your kid might need in the real world: puzzles, cartoons, games, and communications with agemates. Giving a tablet or a smartphone to a kid means for a lot of parents some silence time. Parents know that for the next 30 minutes, their […]

enable geolocation
online safety
How do I enable geolocation on my child’s device?

Dream of every parent – to be aware of where your child is at any given time. It is easy to make this dream come true using cellular carriers, built-in phone features, or dedicated tracking software. So the question is, how do I enable geolocation on my child’s device? The A-go-go rhythm of life we […]

best kids apps for Android
online safety
Best kids apps for Android: 2021 review

There are a lot of games out there. How to sort out those that can become a nice influence for your kiddo, and those that are pure trash and be better run away from? This list of most age-appropriate and mind-boggling kids apps for Android and iOS will help you set your mind on those […]

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