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Web Filter for android
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Web filter solution for Android

Today the Internet has nearly all the educational and entertaining content and tools your kid might need in the real world: puzzles, cartoons, games, and communications with agemates. Giving a tablet or a smartphone to a kid means for a lot of parents some silence time. Parents know that for the next 30 minutes, their […]

enable geolocation
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How do I enable geolocation on my child’s device?

Dream of every parent – to be aware of where your child is at any given time. It is easy to make this dream come true using cellular carriers, built-in phone features, or dedicated tracking software. So the question is, how do I enable geolocation on my child’s device? The A-go-go rhythm of life we […]

best kids apps for Android
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Best kids apps for Android: 2021 review

There are a lot of games out there. How to sort out those that can become a nice influence for your kiddo, and those that are pure trash and be better run away from? This list of most age-appropriate and mind-boggling kids apps for Android and iOS will help you set your mind on those […]

instagram safety
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Kids Safety On Instagram: What Parents Need To Know

Instagram is fun and kids love using it and sharing memories with friends. But how parents can protect them from inappropriate content? Read here to learn how. How To Keep Kids Safe On Instagram Social networks have become a useful means of communication between modern people. It is fun to use them, we can find […]

online safety
Parental control router for Internet security use

Choose the best parental control routers and protect your children from online threats and inappropriate content. The parental control function allows you to enter Internet access restrictions for individual devices. The best routers with parental control function. Top parental control routers 2020 To date, the home router has turned into one of the most indispensable […]