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John Macfadden

John is a psychologist, relationship expert, and parenting coach with extensive knowledge in child development and behavior management. With years of experience in counseling couples and families, he offers valuable insights and practical advice on fostering healthy relationships and effective parenting strategies. His articles serves as a resource for individuals seeking guidance in navigating the complexities of human interactions and raising well-adjusted children.

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What does GYAT mean
Teen Slang
What Does GYAT Mean?

It should not be a secret for you, and if it is, then we will reveal it: language is a living organism; it develops and evolves. One of the simplest examples of such evolution is slang, which always originates as some special lexis for teens and the younger generation and then becomes a language norm…

How to block porn on iPhone
Parental Control
How to Block Porn on iPhone: 7 Methods

When parents have jam-packed schedules, they must juggle two big responsibilities: their job and raising their kids. This can be especially tough for young parents with little experience with childcare or a lack of support from their own parents.  When a child cries or when parents need to attend to household duties, it’s common for…

what is wb meaning
Teen Slang
What Is WB Slang Meaning?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of slang and acronyms floating around online chats and text messages. Ever come across “WB” in a conversation and scratch your head wondering what your friend is talking about? Well, you’re not alone. WB is one such acronym that pops up frequently,…

gtg meaning
Teen Slang
GTG Meaning: Is There Something to Worry About?

“GTG” is more than just a short phrase. Kids use this abbreviation to escape questions from parents or confuse them, while couples use it to keep their independence and avoid any signs of affairs, especially when their SO catches them on the hot. So, GTG is not just about short messages. It’s about hiding secrets…

instagram safety
Online Safety
Kids’ Safety On Instagram: What Parents Need To Know

Instagram is fun and kids love using it and sharing memories with friends. But how parents can protect them from inappropriate content and ensure kids’ safety on Instagram? Read about here to learn how. How To Keep Kids Safe On Instagram Social networks have become a useful means of communication between modern people. It is…

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