Kindle Parental Controls
How to Set Up Parental Controls on Kindle

With screens taking over the globe, most people, particularly kids, have chosen the Kindle as the best way to read. Having a Kindle has made it more appealing than usual tablets and mobile phones. Another reason for its popularity is its long battery life and storage capacity. Most parents also prefer to get a Kindle […]

Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Monitoring your child’s activities on their mobile has become a necessity in light of the infamous contents blighting the internet in recent times. Unfortunately, many apps do not offer the necessary protection you would desire to protect your child. Therefore, the onus falls on you as the parent to protect your child from undue exposure […]

Ultimate Guide to Safe Streaming Sites

Streaming creates an avenue to enjoy live sessions of movies, podcasts, audio, and television coverage of events right from the comfort of your location without bothering about the size of the storage attached to the content. However, finding safe streaming sites might be challenging considering the vast available options. Thus, you’ll learn about some safe […]

vanishing texts
Vanishing Text: How to Monitor Disappearing Messages

We all understand that vanishing text is the best way to hide some information. You may forget to delete the message, or your contact can use it against you. So, the option of texts vanishing after the recipient reads them is exceptionally convenient. But when it comes to another person, especially your child, the possibility […]

Kid Appropriate YouTubers
Top 10 Kid Appropriate YouTubers to Follow

YouTube is among the best resources on the internet. This platform has videos about almost everything you may want to learn. While many parents may not want their kids to spend a lot of time on the screen, it helps get them through the day, especially when you have many things to do. For that […]

Discord Parental Controls
Discord Parental Controls App: What Parents Need to Know

Discord app is a game app that allows users to interact seamlessly. It has a large followers base that rivals snap chat and falls short of Instagram by a few hundred million. It was initially created to allow gamers to talk while playing. It has since morphed into an avenue for diverse individuals to chat […]

How to Keep Kids Safe on the Net?

All the processes taking place in the modern world cannot be imagined without the existence of the Internet. Of course, children also have access to it; however, the vastness of the network is not limited only to positive opportunities for development but also hides certain dangers. Therefore, today, more than ever, parents need to make […]

шs Tumblr safe for my child
Is Tumblr Safe? Everything Parents Need to Know About It

Like other social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and others, the safety of Tumblr for kids has to do with the number of work parents and guardians are willing to commit to ensuring that they adequately censor the information their kids watch. In addition, Tumblr’s distinct features attract many teens, which sets it apart […]

Kindle Parental Controls
How to Create a Family Sharing Apple ID for Your Kids?

The evolution of technology has made it essential for children to be exposed to devices early in their life. These devices can help the kids with learning amidst other things and make it easier for them to understand the way of something better. However, it is often crucial that you take special care in setting […]

signs of grooming
What Is Grooming?

According to the National Centre for Victims of Crime, one out of five girls and one out of twenty is prone to sexual abuse before attaining 18 years. The number of children undergoing sexual assault is difficult to ascertain since most cases are not reported to the authorities. Investigations conducted on reported child abuse cases […]

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