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Free Parental Control App
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Choosing Free Parental Controls Apps for iPhone in 2022

Today’s kids spend much of their time on phones, tablets, TV, and computers, which can have mixed results. While entertaining, it’s possible for your child to be exposed to something inappropriate. Besides, there should be a limit to how much screen time your child should have. Your child should go outside and avoid screens before […]

Parental Control Chromebook
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How to Set Parental Controls for Chromebook 

The requirement for parental control Chromebook usage has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is relevant now that Chromebooks are preferred in some classrooms, and people generally spend more time online. With the introduction of this device into children’s classrooms, concerned parents have been pushed to learn how to set up parental controls on […]

Free Parental Control App
parental control
How to Set Roblox Parental Controls

Did you recently purchase a tablet or make available a computer for your child and introduce them to the Roblox platform but are now concerned that their obsession with the platform could negatively impact their health or social activities? Employing parental control methods may be your best bet. While the option to block Roblox is […]

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5 Secret Messaging Apps Parents Need to Know About

Due to technological advancement, the world is rapidly transitioning from analog to digital modes of operation. As a result, people are beginning to see the convenience of virtual marketing, meetings, and even study. However, cybercrime has been a significant danger in the past. This has compelled several developers to create some secret messaging apps that […]

windows 10 parental controls
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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Windows 10

You need to protect your kids from inappropriate information on the internet. Therefore, setting up parental controls for Windows 10 on your PC will go a long way to making it safe for your kids to utilize. Windows 10 parental controls have some shortcomings, meaning it doesn’t offer complete protection for your child’s system and […]

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Pinterest for Kids: What Parents Need to Know

Since the introduction of Pinterest in 2010, it has raised a lot of eyebrows. And it also has drawn a lot of attention to itself. Pinterest became the top result in Google Images search results by 2020. The platform has gained widespread acceptance since most people use it to save, share, and organize images and […]

VPN block parental controls
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Does VPN Block Parental Controls?

Every VPN has been programmed with an Internet Protocol (IP) address distinct from the gadget’s own, giving kids access to evade any barriers implanted by parents to prohibit their minors from accessing specific content. Thus, a straightforward answer to the question, “Does VPN block parental control?” is, yes, it does!  What Does a VPN Hide […]

Twitter for kids
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Is Twitter for Kids? 7 Things Parents Need to Know

Twitter has been around for 12 years now and is a renowned social media platform for posting seemingly cryptic messages with no content filtering. The company doesn’t censor posts made by users on the platform. The implication of this is the exposure of kids to unruly content that might be damaging to the child’s overall […]

youtube parental controls
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YouTube parental controls: how it works

It’s really hard to find a person or a kid who has never heard about YouTube before. A lot of kids grow up being glued to the screen watching various content on the YouTube platform. But unfortunately, this innocent hobby may lead to some unwanted consequences, such as developing an addiction or seeing harmful content […]

android parental control
parental control
Android parental controls: how to make a phone or tablet child friendly

Parents are getting the first devices for their kids quite early today. They are doing it for reasons of security and the necessity of keeping in touch with their child. But no matter how you cut it, your child sees their smartphone as a toy first of all. When your kid gets their first smartphone […]

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