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track a cell phone number
Tips How to Track a Cell Phone Number Location With Ease

How to Track a Cell Phone Number Location With Ease Have you been receiving calls from unknown contacts and would like to track the phone numbers? This article contains reliable phone number location finder tools that you can use to trace these malicious phone numbers and know those behind the act. With the application of […]

Verizon parental control app
Tips A User’s Guide to Verizon Parental Control App

Parental control is an essential part of parenting. It allows you to monitor what your kids are doing online and gives you the ability to restrict content that isn’t appropriate for them. With Verizon Parental Control App, you can set up various rules for your children’s devices depending on their age and interests. This guide […]

Tips What Is Cell Phone Addiction?

Phone addiction has been prevalent recently, especially for young adults and adolescents. Most suffer from “Nomophobia” fear of being without a cell phone. The world is becoming a global village with many people connected via various social media apps. Information about everything and anything is easily accessible from anywhere now through cell phones. Cell phones […]

Stop Spam Texts
Tips Learn More About The Ways How To Stop Spam Texts

The text spam message is considered to be any kind of unwanted text message that is sent on somebody’s phone, as usual for particular commercial purposes. It can be in the form of an ordinary message, the link to call or text, or a link following some website.  Such messages are shown up as unexpected […]

Lock Different App
Tips How To Lock Different Apps On iOS Gadgets

iPhones have come a mighty long way since the release of the first-generation version by Apple in 2007. Several versions later, it has now grown to become one of the largest selling smartphones on the market, setting many record sales with each release. The unique and brilliant iOS is a major selling point for this […]

time limit (ipad)
Tips Time limit on iPad

Smart devices are addictive, especially considering the wealth of activities one can indulge in with them. Now, imagine a smart device in a kid’s hand. If it could be addictive for an adult, how much more a child. Kids can be obsessed with smart devices and may spend a whole day moving from one app […]

Web Filter for android
Online Safety Web filter solution for Android

Today the Internet has nearly all the educational and entertaining content and tools your kid might need in the real world: puzzles, cartoons, games, and communications with agemates. Giving a tablet or a smartphone to a kid means for a lot of parents some silence time. Parents know that for the next 30 minutes, their […]

youtube parental controls
Parental Control YouTube parental controls: how it works

It’s really hard to find a person or a kid who has never heard about YouTube before. A lot of kids grow up being glued to the screen watching various content on the YouTube platform. But unfortunately, this innocent hobby may lead to some unwanted consequences, such as developing an addiction or seeing harmful content […]

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