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Web Filter for android
Online Safety Web filter solution for Android

Today the Internet has nearly all the educational and entertaining content and tools your kid might need in the real world: puzzles, cartoons, games, and communications with agemates. Giving a tablet or a smartphone to a kid means for a lot of parents some silence time. Parents know that for the next 30 minutes, their […]

youtube parental controls
Parental Control YouTube parental controls: how it works

It’s really hard to find a person or a kid who has never heard about YouTube before. A lot of kids grow up being glued to the screen watching various content on the YouTube platform. But unfortunately, this innocent hobby may lead to some unwanted consequences, such as developing an addiction or seeing harmful content […]

enable geolocation
Online Safety How do I enable geolocation on my child’s device?

Dream of every parent – to be aware of where your child is at any given time. It is easy to make this dream come true using cellular carriers, built-in phone features, or dedicated tracking software. So the question is, how do I enable geolocation on my child’s device? The A-go-go rhythm of life we […]

Facebook parental controls
Parental Control Facebook parental controls: A Step-by-Step Guide

The key solution to keep your kids safe while using Facebook – set up Facebook parental controls. Even though initially Facebook was created for adults only, and you are not allowed to have your own account before 13 years old, more and more kids lie about their age and register on Facebook. But why are […]

windows parental control
Parental Control Windows Parental Control: Detailed Review

Parental controls become an essential part of any reliable platform. These days it’s even hard to find a service that doesn’t offer any parental control functions. In the past, it was never the case to control or limit our kid’s online activities. These days we want to protect our children from unwanted content and protect […]

instagram parental controls
Parental Control Is Instagram Safe For Kids? Guide For Parents

With technologies ingrained in our everyday lives, it’s hard to tell whether the Internet, particularly Social Media addiction, is a real problem or is just an inevitable part of modern society’s functioning. Instagram is not just a platform for sharing moments. A saying among millennials goes, “If it’s not on Instagram, it never happened.” The […]

parental control
Parental Control What you need to know about Nintendo switch parental controls?

Nintendo Switch is a console that is easily transformed from a home-based to a portable one. It is easy to use wherever you go. But no matter how confident you are in your kid’s activities while gaming, they can always find access to mature unwanted content. Nintendo Switch parental controls is designed to help parents […]

parental controls
Parental Control PlayStation 5 parental controls features

Gaming consoles are created to bring entertainment and great virtue to all their users. However, even this world of console gaming might require a specific definition. It should be based on the age group to prevent unwanted content. There are multiple rating systems that help identify if the game is appropriate. But parents should still […]

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