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how to turn off airdrop
Tips How to Turn Off AirDrop: A Comprehensive Guide

AirDrop was introduced in 2011 as a way for users of iOS devices to transfer files anonymously between two devices via WiFi or Bluetooth. It can be a convenient way to share information that texting may not cover. Not only that, but it can be much quicker. However, AirDrop does have its dark side. Many […]

iphone calendar virus
Tips iPhone Calendar Virus: What Is It and How to Get Rid of It?

When you think of iPhones, you may not believe they are suspected of viruses and hacking. However, this is not the case. There is an iOS calendar virus that you should be aware of. This article gives an overview of the infamous iPhone calendar virus, explains how it works, and gives you an ideal solution. […]

what is onlyfans
Tips What Is OnlyFans? What Parents Should Know

Like every social media platform, OnlyFans became one of the most popular social media platforms among users during the 2020 lockdown. With all the controversial headlines it has created, one of the most asked questions among parents regarding the platform is: What is OnlyFans used for? But first, what is OnlyFans?  What Is OnlyFans? OnlyFans […]

passive aggressive behavior
Tips Passive Aggressive Behavior in Children: A Complete Guide

You’ve probably heard of passive aggressive behavior, and you likely know it’s disliked. However, you may not know everything about it and why you should nip it in the bud if you have a passive aggressive child. Children, especially teenagers, can be moody, so how do you know the difference between an angsty teen and […]

child identity theft
Parental Control What Is Child Identity Theft? Are Your Children at Risk?

We all know the many online dangers for children, such as cyber predators and grooming. However, you may not know that child identity theft is also an Internet safety issue. So let’s look at what it is and learn how to prevent it. Many of us know identity theft 101, as we’ve probably heard of […]

is anime for kids
Parental Control Is Anime for Kids? Everything Parents Should Know

First, we must define anime. Outside Japan, anime is any animated series or movie originating from Japan. In Japan, the term “anime” describes animation from around the globe. In this article, we’ll specifically refer to animation coming from Japan. While Japanese animation has varying art styles like any other country, you may have some familiarity […]

porn for kids
Parental Control What to Do If Your Kid Is Exposed to Pornography

In recent times, many parents have been plagued with one common problem, “my child is looking at inappropriate things online.” In today’s digital age, porn for kids is increasingly becoming popular. A report by AIFS shows that nearly half of the kids between the ages of 9-16 experience regular exposure to pornographic content. With this finding, many […]

secret texting codes
Parental Control A Comprehensive Emoji Decoder for Parents: 60+ Secret Texting Codes 

In the age of smartphones and instant messaging, communication has become more convenient and efficient than ever before. However, it has also given rise to a new language of secret texting codes, leaving parents feeling left out and concerned about their children’s online safety.  That’s where a comprehensive emoji decoder comes in. By decoding these […]

how to screen record snapchat without them knowing
Tips Guide on How to Screen Record Snapchat Without Them Knowing

If you want to know how to screen record Snapchat without them knowing, we can help. This post will answer this question and give you some insight into Snapchat in general. Let’s get started. Why Should You Monitor Someone’s Snapchat? Snapchat is an app that minors 13 years and above can use. However, this messenger […]

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