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risks of online gaming
Online Safety What Are the Risks of Online Gaming?

Today each parent tries to keep the finger on the pulse of children’s activity. The risks of online gaming become more and more obvious. So, let’s dive into this topic. Online Gaming Dangers In moderation, gaming can be fun for you or your child to unwind. However, with online video games, there are risks you […]

online predators
Online Safety Predators and Trafficking

As a parent, you want to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet. Unfortunately, predators are all around the Web, and they could target your child. Many will target a child to engage in rape, grooming, or trafficking. While this can be a horrifying thought, it’s sadly a reality. However, you can keep […]

Disney Plus parental controls
Tips The Disney Plus Parental Controls Guide for 2022

Disney Plus parental controls are likely among the most sorted features for parents who allow their children access to Disney Plus. The platform has proven to be a reliable source of videos and other forms of entertainment that can provide family members with quality leisure time. In addition, the developers recently added Star to their […]

Parental Control Chromebook
Parental Control How to Set Parental Controls for Chromebook 

The requirement for parental control Chromebook usage has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is relevant now that Chromebooks are preferred in some classrooms, and people generally spend more time online. With the introduction of this device into children’s classrooms, concerned parents have been pushed to learn how to set up parental controls on […]

block Roblox
Parental Control How to Set Roblox Parental Controls

Did you recently purchase a tablet or make available a computer for your child and introduce them to the Roblox platform but are now concerned that their obsession with the platform could negatively impact their health or social activities? Employing parental control methods may be your best bet. While the option to block Roblox is […]

Kindle Parental Controls
Tips How to Set Up Parental Controls on Kindle

With screens taking over the globe, most people, particularly kids, have chosen the Kindle as the best way to read. Having a Kindle has made it more appealing than usual tablets and mobile phones. Another reason for its popularity is its long battery life and storage capacity. Most parents also prefer to get a Kindle […]

Parental Control 5 Secret Messaging Apps Parents Need to Know About

Due to technological advancement, the world is rapidly transitioning from analog to digital modes of operation. As a result, people are beginning to see the convenience of virtual marketing, meetings, and even study. However, cybercrime has been a significant danger in the past. This has compelled several developers to create some secret messaging apps that […]

Tips Best Parental Control Apps for Android

Monitoring your child’s activities on their mobile has become a necessity in light of the infamous contents blighting the internet in recent times. Unfortunately, many apps do not offer the necessary protection you would desire to protect your child. Therefore, the onus falls on you as the parent to protect your child from undue exposure […]

Tips Ultimate Guide to Safe Streaming Sites

Streaming creates an avenue to enjoy live sessions of movies, podcasts, audio, and television coverage of events right from the comfort of your location without bothering about the size of the storage attached to the content. However, finding safe streaming sites might be challenging considering the vast available options. Thus, you’ll learn about some safe […]

windows 10 parental controls
Parental Control How to Set Up Parental Controls on Windows 10

You need to protect your kids from inappropriate information on the internet. Therefore, setting up parental controls for Windows 10 on your PC will go a long way to making it safe for your kids to utilize. Windows 10 parental controls have some shortcomings, meaning it doesn’t offer complete protection for your child’s system and […]

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