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spybubble review
Mar 26, 2024
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SpyBubble Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Features

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Are you in a relationship but suspect your partner of infidelity? Or are you a concerned parent worried about your kids’ online safety? Maybe you’re a business owner who’s faced a sensitive data leak and wants to identify the culprit. Whether you fit into one of these scenarios or have another problem, you may need a tool to help uncover the truth. 

Using specialized spyware is the easiest way to track someone’s online activities without raising suspicions. However, not all of these tools deliver on their promises. Some lack functionality, while others are scams aimed at exploiting unsuspecting users.

Here, we will delve into a comprehensive SpyBubble review, exploring its advantages, drawbacks, functionality, legitimacy, price, customer support, and more. Keep on reading to uncover the reality behind SpyBubble.


  • SpyBubble is compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Monitors an extensive number of social media apps
  • Gives full access to the target’s Instagram and Facebook account for iOS (as if you were its owner)
  • Tracks call logs and text messages (including those that were purposely deleted)
  • Restricts incoming/outgoing calls and text messages
  • Supports GPS location tracking feature
  • Detects if any dating app is installed
  • Offers access to deleted data
  • Provides reporting via screenshots
  • It comes with a detailed user manual on how to set up the app on the target smartphone
  • Offers regular 5-minute data updates
  • Works in stealth mode
  • Can block WiFi networks, harmful websites, and even the target smartphone remotely
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Ability to check the target device’s compatibility with the app by inserting the cell phone model on the website for free
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support via live chat
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • 2-day free trial app version for iOS and Android devices
  • 14-day money refund


  • Geofencing feature is not involved
  • The demo app version is not provided on the official website
  • Limited features for iOS device
  • No call recording

How Does SpyBubble Work?


SpyBubble is an anonymous monitoring app that works on different models of the target iOS or Android device. It is a good app to monitor someone’s texts, calls, social media activities, location data, browser history, and more without the other person’s knowledge in real time. You can even take screenshots and photos with the target phone’s camera without touching it. 

Once installed on the user’s cell phone, SpyBubble stays hidden, so its owner won’t know it’s there. It neither sends notifications nor is visible on the screen, making it almost impossible to detect. All information gathered is available on the online dashboard, which is accessible from any browser.

SpyBubble Features

Although SpyBubble provides many common smartphone tracking features, it also offers a range of features you will not find in any other cell phone monitoring app, such as full access to Facebook and Instagram on iOS, phone activity status features for iOS, and online indicator for Android. More on that below.

Call Logs Tracking

Although SpyBubble does not record phone calls, it tracks all the incoming and outgoing calls and even deletes calls from the target cell phone. You will get detailed information on each call made, timestamps, and the contact details of those your target communicates with.

Social Media and IMs Monitoring

Everyone uses social media platforms to have fun (like TikTok or Instagram), read news, and communicate with others. However, social media platforms can be dangerous, especially for children who may become targets of online predators or experience cyberbullying, which can negatively impact their physical and emotional well-being.

Although some parents are hesitant about letting their children use social media, not all kids stick to the rules, and sometimes, offering them access to certain conditions can be the best compromise. 

SpyBubble offers access to the most popular social media platforms and IMs like:

  • Tinder (Android)
  • Snapchat (Android)
  • TikTok (Android)
  • Instagram (iOS, Android)
  • Skype (iOS, Android)
  • Telegram (Android)
  • Kik (Android)
  • Facebook (iOS, Android)
  • WhatsApp (iOS, Android) and more

Once installed on the target cell phone, SpyBubble will show you all your target sent and received text messages and media files and display the data in a properly organized table, providing valuable insights into online activities. Pay attention that not every social media app is available both for Android and iOS.

Viewing Stored Media Files

Besides social media monitoring, SpyBubble app also offers media monitoring. This feature allows you to use SpyBubble to view photos and videos on the target phone without physical access to it. You can also use the monitored device to take photos, videos, and audio recordings of the surrounding area – extremely useful features, especially if your target is your kid or a cheating spouse. 


Do you want to know what the person is typing on their cell phone? View all the text they write, including the passwords, with the SpyBubble keylogging feature. Suspect infidelity? SpyBubble will capture all the keystrokes from your partner’s phone.  

Monitoring Internet Activity, Apps Installed, and WiFi Network

Although you can find a lot of helpful information online, it’s almost impossible to filter the apps or websites your kid uses when you do not control them. With Spybubble’s internet monitoring, you can check what your child is up to online, like browsing history, apps used, and WiFi network checking. What’s remarkable is that Spybubble supports all major browsers like Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer so that you won’t miss a thing. Plus, you can block websites they shouldn’t visit, keeping them safe from adult content. And not just that, you can even block the WiFii they’re connected to. 

What’s more? SpyBubble is a great assistant for detecting any suspicious app your child may have installed. Additionally, it offers peace of mind for couples, alerting you instantly if your spouse engages in online communication using dating apps.

GPS Tracking

SpyBubble permits the detection of the target device’s real-time GPS location and location history. Although this is a great feature, it lacks geofencing, which many other monitoring apps have. That said, SpyBubble’s GPS tracking is fairly accurate, providing peace of mind knowing where your loved ones are.

SIM Card Replacement

With this feature, you can find out whether your SO uses another SIM card for secret calls. This added layer of insight ensures you comprehensively understand their communication patterns, helping you maintain trust and transparency in your relationships.

Phone Activity on iOS

The “Phone Activity” feature on iOS lets you see which apps your target opens on their iPhone, but only the ones that use the internet. It’s an extremely helpful feature, allowing you to get information on what apps your target person spends most time on. It will help you detect whether the person whose activities you track uses Badoo, Tinder, or any other dating apps, providing you with valuable information you might not be told about.

Online Activity Indicator on Android

SpyBubble informs you when the user is online by adding the green icon status next to each particular tab in your account. This way, you will always stay in the loop in real time.

SpyBubble Price – How Much Does SpyBubble Cost?

After a detailed analysis of the core (not all) app’s features, the next question you will probably have is related to the app’s price. 

Long story short, there are three subscription plans available:

  1. 1 month plan: $42.49/mo
  2. 3 months plan: $25.49/mo
  3. Annual subscription: $10.62/mo

Each subscription plan grants you access to SpyBubble full pack, which offers all of SpyBubble Pro’s cell phone monitoring features. In addition, you can ask for a trial app version by contacting their support team and paying only $1 for 2-day app usage, which offers all the app’s monitoring capabilities. The other significant advantage is that the spy app is accompanied by a 2-week money refund, ensuring your satisfaction and peace of mind.

How to Install SpyBubble Pro App?

The installation process differs depending on the OS of the device you will monitor. 

installation process


Before you set up SpyBubble on the Android phone, make sure you have done the following:

  1. Take the target cell phone. 
  2. Open the Google Play Store and tap the target’s profile picture. 
  3. Choose “Play Protect”.
  4. Tap on the gear icon to open the “Play Protect” settings. 
  5. Under “General”, switch off the “Scan apps with Play Protect”.
  6. Select “Off” to confirm your actions. 

How to Install SpyBubble on Android?

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Click “Try Now”.
try now
  1. Enter your email address (you will get your login credentials for further spy app usage at this address).
create account
  1. Confirm actions by clicking “Create account”.
  2. Select the target’s OS.
select the target device
  1. Choose a subscription plan.
subscription plans
  1. Enter your card information or use Google Pay to proceed with payment. You can choose a crypto payment option if credit cards are not accepted in your country. 
  1. Check your email (the one you used for registration) to access login credentials and further the SpyBubble app installation guide. 
  2. Scan the QR code using the target’s cell phone. 
qr code
  1. When downloading the file on the target phone’s browser, a message might appear saying the APK could be harmful. Tap “OK” to continue.
  2. Chrome browser will try to block the installation. Select “Settings” to fix it. 
chrome browser
  1. Switch on the “Allow from this source” button and let the browser install SpyBubble. 
allow from this source
  1. Follow the instructions on your target’s screen to complete the spy app installation. 
complete installation
  1. Log into your user space and start tracking the target Android device. 
  2. Navigate through the dashboard to choose what activity you want to monitor. 

How to Install SpyBubble on iPhone?

  1. Follow the steps mentioned above (1-8). 
  2. Scan the QR code using the target’s iPhone. 
  3. Install the application’s certificate. 

Note: To access all SpyBubble’s features, you must know your target’s iCloud credentials. Without this, you can only access their location and browser history data.

  1. You must fill in and approve the 2FA code on the target iOS device. 
  2. Get the first logs in the user space. 
  3. Get access to the target device’s location, browser history, iMessage, contacts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. 

SpyBubble Compatibility

SpyBubble works on Android devices running Android OS 4 and newer and all iOS devices. If you are uncertain about the app’s compatibility with your target device, simply insert your target’s cell phone model in the search box and get your answer instantly.


Customer Support

Besides 24/7 live chat support, SpyBubble has an on-site contact form where you can enter your email, name, and the reason for a message. Although they may take time to respond to emails, SpyBubble’s live chat support works great.


SpyBubble vs. mSpy

Well, what are the other apps like SpyBubble? Since mSpy is an alternative to SpyBubble cell phone tracker app, we have decided to compare these two in the table below.  

FeaturesSpyBubble mSpyComments
Physical installationYesYesBoth applications require physical access to the target cell phone to install the app.
Operating systems (iOS and Android) compatibilityYesYesSpyBubble supports the latest operating systems, unlike mSpy.
24/7 live chat supportYesYesAlthough both apps have live chat support, mSpy offers a chatbot and delays in receiving a response.
Jailbreaking/rooting requiredNoYesCompared with mSpy, SpyBubble does not require jailbreaking/rooting the target device. 
Stealth modeYesYesmSpy and SpyBubble operate discretely, meaning the safety and security of your private data. 
GeofencingNoYesmSpy offers geofencing functionality, a feature absent in SpyBubble.
Full access to the target’s Instagram or Facebook for iOSYesNoSpyBubble offers full access to the target’s Instagram and Facebook on iOS (follow/unfollow, block users, view DMs, shared media files, view contact details and timestamps with dates of each message) – this feature is unique on the market. 
Full access to WhatsApp YesNoSpyBubble allows users to track even deleted messages, while mSpy doesn’t. 
Online activity status reportYesNoSpyBubble tells you when your target is online with any app on Android, while mSpy doesn’t. 
Fast 1-minute installation processYesNoSpyBubble stands out with a detailed installation guide. The process is quick and stress-free. mSpy installation takes a while to cope with.
Access to deleted calls and text messagesYesNoThis feature is only available to SpyBubble, giving the app one more advantage.
Trial app versionYesNoTo test the app before purchasing, request SpyBubble’s $1 trial app version. mSpy does not provide this option. 

Is SpyBubble Pro Worth It? Final Verdict

SpyBubble Pro is one of the best monitoring solutions for uncovering dishonesty or parental control, offering 40+ advanced cell phone monitoring features and affordable subscription plans. It is supported by responsive customer assistance who is 24/7 ready to answer and assist you with any SpyBybble-related question. It operates discreetly on the target device, meaning the user will not reveal you are tracking them. In the comparison battle SpyBubble vs. mSpy, SpyBubble ranks top due to a number of competitive advantages. With all its pros mentioned, it’s a great app to rely on.


Yes, SpyBubble is a good spyware app. It has many useful mobile phone tracking features, excellent customer support, affordable pricing, and, more importantly, a 2-day trial app version available for $1, a great chance to test the app before purchasing.

SpyBubble offers three subscription plans: monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions, which cost $42.49/mo, $25.49/mo, and $10.62/mo, respectively. All three offer the same features and differ only in the duration and total cost.

The icon is visible by default on Android devices, but you can hide it during installation. If you're monitoring an iOS-operated device, you don't need to install the app physically, so there won't be an icon in the menu.

SpyBubble is legal if used as a parental control app. However, installing the monitoring software on someone else's phone without their permission is not a good idea, and without the device owner's consent, it may lead to negative consequences.

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