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how to see my child's text messages on iphone
Parental Control
Feb 9, 2024
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How to See Child’s Text Messages on iPhone?

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iPhones are those small gadgets that many people use to get in touch with others daily. They have become so accessible that even kids and teens own them. Parents, in turn, face difficulties related to their children’s increasing interaction with iPhones. Because of daily iPhone usage, kids can be easily subjected to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, blackmailing, or online threats. 

Although iPhones are known for their high security level, luckily for parents, it is possible to see child’s text messages on iPhone. So the core question arises: “How to see child’s text messages on iPhone? Get ready to learn, as this review will tell you how to track text messages on your kid’s iPhone and how to prevent your child from potential online harm. 

Why Should You Monitor Child’s Text Messages?

You may ask: “What is the danger of sending text messages on an iPhone?” Texting is more dangerous than communication through phone calls. Kids might encounter not-so-nice messages or chat with strangers online. Therefore, keeping an eye on their child’s text messages on their iPhone is essential for parents. 

Here we’ve listed other reasons why parents have to see child’s text messages on iPhone:

  1. Bullying. Unfortunately, bullying is one of the most popular problems many kids and teens face. When someone wants to tease another person, they will do anything. When bullies know you have a phone, they will willingly use it to humiliate you more by sending threatening messages or, contrary, pretending to be friends and convincing you to share personal information or pictures, only to use them against you later on. The best way to see whether a kid is okay without raising suspicions is the use of a parental control app by parents.
  2. Sexting. Kids at the age of teens frequently do foolish things, especially when they are in relationships. Sexting is one of them. To impress their partner, they may even share their nude photos or videos. However, when relationships end, there’s a risk of someone sharing these private files with others or, worse, using them to bully their ex-partner. Teens need to think twice before sharing personal information and understand the potential consequences. 
  3. Predators. Unfortunately, our world is filled with mind-ill people, often targeting vulnerable victims, especially children. Parents who see child’s text messages on iPhone can easily detect whether their kid communicates with one of such online predators, explain to them the possible problem that can happen, and restrict communication until it is too late. Otherwise, they can share some sensitive data with them (home address, photos of sensitive documents, etc.) or, what is worse, fall victim to sexual violence.

How to See Your Child’s Text Messages iPhone?

So, how to see child’s text messages on iPhone? Here, we have listed the best 3 ways to see your child’s text messages on iPhone to protect them from any possible danger that may happen to them if you neglect text message monitoring. 

uMobix – Best Free App to See Children’s Text Messages on iPhone

If you are looking for a safe, legit, and reliable parental monitoring tool to see text messages on your child’s iPhone, then uMobix is #1 to consider. We’ll provide a few points to back up our claims and explain why it is the best application to monitor your kid’s texts. But firstly, let’s tell shortly about uMobix and what it offers.

uMobix is the best parental control app to monitor your child’s iPhone activities. First and most important, there is no need for jailbreak to see your child’s text messages on iPhone. uMobix, iPhone parental control app, once installed on the child’s iPhone (for this, knowing your kid’s iCloud credentials is required), starts analyzing and gathering all the phone data, allowing you to see everything in your userspace. 

With uMobix’s text messages feature you can see sent/received/deleted text messages, detailed timestamps when these child’s texts were sent or received, and detailed contact information of every sender/recipient. With uMobix, you may not only monitor child’s text messages, but if needed – restrict specific contacts from texting your child and restrict incoming and outgoing text messages on your child’s iPhone, thereby protecting them from suspicious people.

uMobix dashboard

Best part? You can monitor your child’s text messages for free. For this, contact the customer support team and ask for a free trial. With a trial app version, you will be able to monitor text messages on iPhone and view messages shared through the most popular social media platforms and IM apps.

iCloud Sync – Great Way to Receive Text Messages for MAC, iPhone or iPad

The other solution to see your child’s text messages without them knowing is to get your hands on their iCloud (Apple ID and password). This way, you can access their iCloud, an air storage space available to Apple users, for storing data. If you have another iPhone, an Apple device, a MAC, or an iPad, you may sync it with your kid’s iPhone and start text monitoring via iCloud.

How to see your child’s text messages on iPhone through iCloud?

  1. Go to 
  2. Sign in using your kid’s Apple ID on your iPhone. 
  3. Find messages in iCloud account and enable syncing by moving the slider to the right.
  4. Monitor messages.

Remember, if your kid uses different Apple IDs across multiple devices, choose the device you want to duplicate. It ensures that you focus on your kid’s iPhone’s relevant information and activities, providing a more accurate and targeted iPhone parental monitoring text messages experience.

Text Message Forwarding – Free Text Message Monitoring Tool 

Text Message Forwarding

Another free way for text message monitoring is using Text Message Forwarding. With this feature, your kids’ sent or received SMS/MMS messages will appear on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad. You can monitor text messages and reply to them using your iOS-operated device, so there is no need for physical access to get your kid’s text messages on iPhone. How to use Text Forwarding? 

  1. Firstly, check whether you have signed up for iMessage with your kid’s Apple ID.
  • For iPhones and iPads: Go to “Settings”, “Messages”, “Send & Receive”.
  • For MAC: Open the Messages app, choose “Messages”, “Settings” (or “Preferences”), and “iMessage”.
  1. Now  take the kid’s iPhone and follow the guide below:
  • Go to “Settings”, “Messages”, and Text Message Forwarding.

How to get messages from your child’s iPhone if you do not see the “Text Message Forwarding” option?

  • Go to “Settings” and “Messages”.
  • Turn off and then turn on iMessage.
  • Tap “Send & Receive” and “Use Your Apple ID for iMessage”.
  • Sign in with kids’ Apple ID.
  1. Choose your device as the one that can receive text messages from your child’s phone. 
choose your device
  1. Confirm 2FA. 
  2. Duplicate text messages from your child’s device.
  3. Access every message sent or received.


Regardless of how to see child’s text messages on iPhone, always prioritize open and honest communication. Talk with your kid about the safety rules of online communication. Discuss the importance of being attentive and careful on social media platforms, advising them to avoid sharing sensitive personal information with strangers and engage with peers their age. Stress the significance of maintaining composure in romantic situations and caution against being overly “open” with individuals who may lately use their sensitive photos, videos, or other information against them. Your kid should understand that information cannot be shared with other people, even with those they believe they can trust completely.

Monitoring their iPhone is more for your convenience that they have correctly understood your words and won’t make any mistakes when messaging strangers, friends, classmates, or loved ones. Regularly check your child’s phone to make sure your kid is safe and sound. Remember, the best way to keep an eye on their iPhone text messages is to use uMobix. This iPhone monitoring app ensures that your child remains safe and secure without feeling like they are being spied on.

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