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Dec 3, 2021
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Learn More About The Ways How To Stop Spam Texts

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The text spam message is considered to be any kind of unwanted text message that is sent on somebody’s phone, as usual for particular commercial purposes. It can be in the form of an ordinary message, the link to call or text, or a link following some website. 

Such messages are shown up as unexpected ones. Such text messages are annoying. Most of them were texted not from another gadget. Often, the source is the PC and the message was sent for free (via an email or messaging account)

Besides the annoying fact, spam can be risky and harmful. There are risks of referring your data, installing strange software, or simply the direct access to your phone. According to the Federal Trade Commission, spam is considered to be illegal. But don’t be discouraged! The number of unwanted messages can be reduced. This particular guide consists of full instruction on how to deal with this problem. Learn more about how to stop spam texting.

  • Don’t send a direct message in response

In such a case the spammer will be allowed to learn your number is real and active. The attacker can refer your contact to another spammer and the number of gifts and offers will be sent to you permanently.

  • Think of your data as cash

Spam texting may cause the sharing of important information, such as what sum of money you earn, the bank account data, your Social Security number, and the detailed info concerning your credit card. Pay attention, that the serious legitimate companies do not ask for your data via text direct messages. You may check the origin of the suspicious number just by calling it. 

  • Do not follow any links that were sent via the text message

The unknown link following may cause the installation of the attack software. You will take you to a fake website that seems to be real. But this process aims to steal your information. By the way, the installed software can make the cell phone performance much slower by taking the gadget memory. It also allows the thief to have access to your bills.

  • Keep an eye on your phone bills

It is a good and rational idea to check the bills regularly. Make sure that the sum of money is always the same. If some changes appear, ask the mobile provider if you receive spam or send it from your phone. 

  • Check the setting on your phone from time to time

Some smartphones have built-up features that help to block all unwanted calls and messages. Find it out through the gadget search function. 

For Android, find the three dots at the right top corner of the screen. Click on it and select “People” and “ Options”. Then choose the “Block” section to stop the spam receiving from the particular number. 

For iOS devices use the “i” symbol on the right top screen corner of the text with spam. Then click on the contact number and select the “Block” section to stop spam texts.

  • Place your number on the National Do Not Call Registry

It is a great idea to stop annoying spam messages. Add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry of the Federal Trade Commission and it allows you to stop the receiving of the majority of commercial spam messages. If the process is not completed and you are registered for more than 31 days, send the report to the FTC. 

  • Learn more if your provider offers the block option

Most mobile provider companies offer plan packages of call-blocking services for a specific period. You can know if there was some suspicious activity of the third parties on your cell phone. 

  • Repost the wireless carrier about the spam text messages that are sent on your cell phone.

Remember the call number 7726 and use it. Send the suspicious messages there and the carrier can investigate and learn more about them. The messages for the 7726 are free. 

How To Use At&t For Spam Text Messages Reporting

AT&T operates as a particular carrier of mobile nets in America. It also owns the services of tv companies throughout the county. It is the world’s number one TV company operator. AT&T also allows the use of paid packages for TV services through DirecTV. AT&T manages its net to offer peripheral kinds of services, including the recovery of disasters. 

AT&T has a direct connection with SMiShing. It is a kind of spam that uses texting to lead somebody to fake websites that seem to be real. The attackers use it and other scams to get somebody’s personal information.

Here’s how to report texting scams:

  • Give a specific signal to 7726 about the suspicious text on your gadget. If you do not see the number send the entire message to the email [email protected]
  • You can also dispatch a suspicious text message to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at [email protected] And one more way – the repost to FTC.
  • Go to the Federal Trade Commission or IdentityTheft.gov to learn more.

Mobile Security

The AT&TSecurity for the mobile app for Android makes a scan process of the mobile gadget. It looks for Trojans’ viruses, worms of different kinds, spyware, and other suspicious software. Mobile Security scans on-demand and when app installation occurs. If you’ll use the section Monitor File Settings, Mobile Security the system will also actively monitor the files. 

Spam Text Messages And It’s Reposting To Sprint Application

Sprint now offers an advanced way to fight text spam. The one thing you have to do is dispatch spam text messages to 7726. Sprint guarantees to observe separately all messages that it receives at this particular number.

Additionally, this special new number doesn’t cost anything to use, and you can even teach old grandma to do it on a regular rarity dumbphone in case you were never able to convince her to upgrade to an HTC EVO.

The Report Spam Text Messages To The T-mobile App

T-mobile provides auto protection from the scam, it includes the ID caller, ID Scam and Scam Block. The app lets you manage the scam protection tools. The user can block spam texts some of the annoying texting using the Message block spam texts. 

Learn How To Report Spam Text Messages To T-mobile

  • Dispatch the texting to 7726 (which spells like “SPAM” on most keypads on phones).
  • We will give a proper answer to your message with an SMS confirming we have got it.
  • We will learn this information from the spam recognizing operations and take appropriate activity to stop spam texts.

We automatically dispatch the texting through the web filter to the Security Center for analysis. The Security Center is a worldwide system, that is run by a vendor on human behalf, that helps to manage the protection of mobile phone users from spam, fraud, and malware. The Security Center service is linked to a world database and it tracks suspicious spam messages and browser history. The information reported to the Security Center may be shared with country government services that work to combat spam and prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair practices.

Learn How To How To Stop Unwanted Texts Through The Verizon App

Spam text messages, as well as texts and calls from robots and spam mail letters, are considered to be an excellent way out for attackers to annoy you and steal your data. Once they get your details, they may harm your money or identity. People get strange texting from robots, so carriers of mobile connection have created the helping options to deal with spam. If you use the Verizon application, you may make the influence and stop text message attackers in different ways. Learn the important tips on how to do it.

From the times when people learned how to send spam and other people started to receive it, the carriers of the mobile connection developed different ways to fight with it and protect their clients. If you have an account on Verizon you can make the following efforts:

  • Block all the text messages in MyVerizon profile to stop spam texts
  • Use this particular app Smart Family option to block spam texts and  phone contacts
  • Dispatch spam text to the application services
  • Make the report with the help of the Messages section

Spam texting can be classified as a rude form of somebody’s private territory invasion. There are a lot of other different factors that can make a person nervous. And the phone attackers should not be the reason. We hope you learn the important tips on how to protect yourself from scammers. And the one more reason to fight the spam messages is the kid’s safety. You must teach your children about cyber hygiene. They must know that not everything that comes to their phones is good. As well as the teen cell phone addiction. The child simply doesn’t take the advertising messages seriously, which will turn into a big problem through the fake offers. Keep an eye on it. Use the parental control apps and don’t miss something important from the kid’s online activity in order to stop spam texts.


Can I monitor the child’s text messages from my phone through the app to read text messages?

Yes, you can check out all the messages that are sent to your kids’ phones. The uMobix software offers the possibility not to miss out on the suspicious messages that are sent to the child’s phone. 

Can I monitor my child’s phone screen time without them knowing?

Of course, the child won’t know you spy parental activity. The uMobix application is installed in a hidden way, so your kid is unlikely to find it out. But remember, that you are forbidden to use the app to read text the activity of a child who is under the age of 13 years old. 

Can uMobix see the deleted messages?

While using the uMobix usage one can see all the messages that were due to the targeted gadget. It doesn’t matter even if they were deleted. The app can recognize the hidden ones, the deleted and the disappearing text messages. 

Is the uMobix paid app safe and secure?

The app’s users can be sure that the software acts on absolutely legal rights. Nobody will know that you use the app until you tell him/her by yourself. All your data will stay in privacy. Our secure system allows us to keep our cooperation secret.

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