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May 13, 2022
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How to Set Up Parental Controls on Kindle

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With screens taking over the globe, most people, particularly kids, have chosen the Kindle as the best way to read. Having a Kindle has made it more appealing than usual tablets and mobile phones. Another reason for its popularity is its long battery life and storage capacity. Most parents also prefer to get a Kindle for their children because of the reliable Kindle parental controls features. 

If you purchase a Kindle for your child, it will be linked to your Amazon account. This grants you remote access to your child’s Kindle Store, allowing you to purchase and download books to the Cloud. You can also access the Kindle’s web browser and the Goodreads app. Using parental controls, you can limit the kid’s access.

Steps to Set Up Parental Controls on Kindle 

You can use the steps below to set up Kindle parental controls:

  • Launch the Menu 
  • Select Settings from the menu options
  • Navigate to Device Options
  • Select Parental Controls
  • Next, click Restrictions

Under the categories to restrict, you will find the following options: Web Browser, Cloud, Kindle Store, or Goodreads, so you may select which of the four alternatives you wish to restrict. To continue, you must provide a password and provide a “hint” to assist you in remembering the login password if you forget it.

What Settings Can Parents Enable on Kindle?

Kindle tablets provide unique Kindle parental control capabilities like any other mobile device. This allows parents to easily regulate what their children do with the Kindle tab. Some of the Kindle settings that parents can enable are:

  • Password
  • Child account
  • Daily goals
  • Time limits
  • Screen time
  • Time limit for specific activities on the Kindle tablet
  • Smart filter

Set a Password

You can easily set up a password on your child’s Kindle with a few clicks. To accomplish this:

  • Go to the Device menu and select Settings.
  • After selecting Settings, go down to Profiles & Family Library.
  • Tap the Add a Child Profile option from the Profiles & Family Library menu.

The device will request you provide the child’s details to create the child profile. Afterward, you may configure your desired parental controls фтв and set up a password on the Kindle app.

Set Up a Child Account

You can create a Kindle account for kids without complications or wasting time. However, after completing a Kindle password, you need to alter the setting and make what you want your child to access on the Kindle tablet.

Adjust Child Settings 

One advantage of Kindle over other tablets is setting up an account for your child and adding advanced parental control settings under your child’s profile. For example, you may use the Kindle tablet to set Daily Goals, Screen Time, Time Limits, Reading Goals, Add or Remove content, etc.

Set Daily Goals and Time Limits

Setting your child’s daily goals and time limitations is pretty simple with Kindle. This is accomplished by enabling the restrictions in the top right corner of your screen. There will be two options accessible to you: establishing times and conditions. For example, on the Kindle tab, you may develop goals and time limitations for the weekdays and weekends using this option.

Enable Bedtime Settings

Kids can occasionally go too far and stay up late reading on their Kindles, disrupting their sleep and other activities during the day. However, you may use the Kindle’s Bedtime settings to control when to access the device at night and when it can be used again. Enabling the bedtime settings will make it impossible for the child to use the Kindle tablet during your specified bedtime.

Set Reading Goals

The Kindle tab allows you to categorize files into three separate categories, including Apps, Videos, and Books. In addition, Kindle parental controls allow parents to set daily reading goals for their children before accessing other features such as apps and videos. However, you have to select the “Learn First” option to enable this setting. This will prevent access to entertainment applications and videos unless daily reading time goals are achieved.

Furthermore, you can set a daily time limit for each category. This is accomplished by using the dropdown menu in the content category’s right corner. The settings there allow you to set aside time each day. Except for deactivating the parental controls on the Kindle app, all functions on Kindle will be disallowed once the timer expires.

Set a Daily Screen Time Limit

Using Kindle parental controls, you can set a daily screen time limit on your child’s Kindle tab. To enable this, click the circle to the left of Total Screen Time. Then, using the slider bar beneath, set your desired screen time. When the screen time limit is met, the access will be revoked, and Kindle will shut down automatically. The child will be unable to use Kindle unless you override the settings or wait for Kindle to work at the designated working time.

Set Time Limits for Specific Activity

The parental control features on a Kindle tablet allow you to set time limits for specific activities. For example, you allocate time for entertaining activities such as apps and videos while allowing the kid to read. To enable this feature, go to Time By Activity in the device Menu and choose the circle on the left. This lets you set the time limit for Reading Books to “unlimited” and configure time limits for entertainment services like Videos and Apps. This option is helpful if you are concerned that your child may become sidetracked if movies and apps are not restricted.

Enable Smart Filters

Amazon parental controls Kindle feature can be used to set Smart Filters on a child’s Kindle tab. This feature is available to Amazon Unlimited subscribers. It aids in filtering the kind of content your child encounters when using the Kindle. For example, set an age limit for the Smart Filter, and it will filter the words, books, movies, and apps your child can access on Kindle. To use Smart Filters, tap the slider to the right of the Kindle screen and then select an age range.

Add or Remove Access to Content

Kindle parental controls allow you to select the kind of content your child can view through the tab. For example, you can choose the child’s content from the Apps, Book, and Video categories. A child requires various content for their development, including Kids Friendly, Web search, Videos, Books, and Games & Apps. Please make your selection and click the thumbnail of each item you want them to view. 

This will result in a checkmark indicating that the content has been authorized. You can grant access to content by unchecking the checkbox next to the content. When you’re satisfied with your selection, hit the “Done” icon in the top right corner of the Kindle tab.

Some kids might decide to play smart and find ways to go around the Kindle settings without you knowing. So, this has forced many parents to step up their game by opting for the services of a third-party reliable parental control app such as uMobix. uMobix is a phone tracking app that has gained popularity amongst parents worldwide. It is renowned for its easy interface and compatibility with iPhone and Android devices. So, if you are looking to track and monitor your kids’ activities remotely without them knowing, the uMobix app is your best bet. 

It is 100% discrete and gives you access to information like:

  • Call history
  • Text messages
  • Internet activities
  • Social media activities
  • Real-time location

Final Words

After a few days of using a Kindle tablet, kids may circumvent some of the parental controls you have set up on the device. However, if you have a decent phone monitoring app discreetly set up on the device, this should not be a significant concern. It will allow you to access their Kindle tablet activities without them knowing you are tracking them.


How to block in-app purchases on Kindle?

Swipe down the screen from the top to block in-app purchases on Kindle. It will display a Quick Settings menu, from which you select “More.” Tap Applications, and then select Apps. Uncheck In-App Purchasing. If that is done, the in-app purchase will be deactivated until you set it back on the device again. 

Are Kindle’s parental controls free?

Parental controls on Kindle app are free. However, if you want your child to enjoy kid-friendly videos, books, and apps, you will be compelled to pay a monthly subscription fee. On the other hand, your child will enjoy various activities on the Kindle device, and you will have additional parental control over those activities for a low cost.

What actions can be restricted on Kindle?

Actions that can be restricted on Kindle include screen time, bedtime, access to content, and lots more.

What if I forgot a Kindle password?

If you forget your Kindle password, you may easily reset it. This can be accomplished by:

  • Selecting Forget password.
  • Provide your Amazon account’s phone number or email address.
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to you through SMS or email.
  • Create a new Kindle password. 

How do I reset Kindle parental controls?

You can reset your Kindle parental controls by: 

  • Repeatedly entering an invalid password.
  • Resetting your Kindle parental controls password by tapping the button.
  • Entering the password for your Amazon account and creating a new password.
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