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eyezy review
Mar 26, 2024
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Eyezy Review 2024: All the Truth About the App

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In this Eyezy review, we will discuss the tool that claims to be “the most powerful phone monitoring software on the planet”. Eyezy serves multiple purposes beyond just monitoring your children. It can be utilized to oversee workplace devices, ensure the safety of your loved ones, check the activities of your cheating partner, and even track your valuable possessions.

With so many benefits Eyezy offers, can you rely on this monitoring tool? What are its strengths and weaknesses?  


  • Many cell phone tracking features are involved
  • Geofencing
  • Affordable subscription plans
  • Demo app version
  • Live chat, email, and cell phone support
  • 14-day money refund
  • Local sync (setup with a USB cable)


  • Screen recording and keylogger are only available in the Ultimate plan
  • Rooting/jailbreak is required (with the exception of when you choose the Ultimate plan)
  • A limited list of social media platforms that that app monitors
  • Eyezy lacks pricing details about the Premium or Ultimate plan
  • Eyezy does not offer a free trial app version

How Does Eyezy Work?

eyeZy main page

After installation on the target cell phone, Eyezy works in stealth mode, encrypting your private data. This means that the target user won’t notice anything suspicious on their device. Your privacy and security are safeguarded while the monitoring app is running in the background. It gathers all data remotely and delivers it to your online dashboard for viewing.

Eyezy Features

Here are the features Eyezy covers:

  • Social spotlight
  • Keystroke capture
  • Web magnifier
  • Magic alerts
  • Pinpoint
  • Phone analyzer
  • Connection blocker
  • Files finder
  • Plans breaker

To help you understand how each feature of Eyezy works and what it can offer, we’ve decided to provide you with detailed information for each one. 

Social Spotlight

Using the spotlight feature, you can monitor everything your child does on social media and IM apps. It means you can access all the DMs and group chats they sent and received, even those purposely deleted. So, if they communicate with suspicious online users you do not know about, you will reveal the truth with Eyezy. 

Eyezy supports the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tinder

Briefly, the list is too short, and there are many other social media platforms many people use for online communication that this app does not cover, as, for example, the world’s most popular TikTok communication and short-form video hosting service, which has gained an audience of over 150 billion users in the United States, Indonesia, with around 126 million users, and Brazil, with almost 99 million users, according to Statista 2024 report.

While app support is limited to just three social media platforms, the list of instant messaging apps appears more extensive:

  • Hangouts
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Kik
  • Line
  • Skype
  • Snapchat
  • Viber
  • Email
  • SMS/MMS monitoring
sms monitoring

Keystroke Capture

If you want to ensure your kid is safe while not bothering them with questions about their digital world, then using the keystroke feature for iPhone or Android will help you. If you observe changes in your child’s behavior or language they haven’t used before, you may want to know who is influencing them. Similarly, if you’re concerned they might be searching for inappropriate things online or posting inappropriate content on social media, Eyezy’s keystroke capture feature can help you monitor and address these issues.

It will help you catch each keystroke your kid types on their cell phone and send the obtained information to your Eyezy account. If they’re typing things they shouldn’t, you can put a stop to it, thereby protecting them from possible danger that can happen to them. You can also use Eyezy keyword alerts and this feature to get notifications when you type something controversial. For this, you should only send a notification for your chosen keywords and select an app where you want to catch it. As soon as Eyezy catches it, you will know about it. 

keyword tracking

In addition to keylogging, you will be able to use screen recording to capture all the text messages, shred media files, etc., that your kid shares with other users. However, this option is available only if you choose the Ultimate plan.

Web Magnifier

The Web Magnifier feature gives you access to your child’s browser history and bookmarked websites. Eyezy provides info on what websites your kid hangs out on most often. You can also use a filter to choose the desired data and check the info on a specific day, week, or month.

Magic Alerts

Magic alerts involve two important cell phone tracking features: geofencing and keyword tracking. Geofencing tells you if your kid’s cell phone goes to places you don’t want it to. If you’re more worried about what your child is writing, there’s a keyword-tracking feature. You can set up keywords, and it’ll let you know if they write something they shouldn’t.


Eyezy’s pinpoint feature tracks both digital and physical locations. It displays real-time device locations on a map with recent visit details, including addresses and timestamps. Eyezy offers accuracy indicators and notifies you of new network connections. 

Phone Analyzer

Do you want to get remote access to your target’s contact book? Or are you interested in who your child communicates with via cell phone calls? You need the phone analyzer feature with it; you’ll know who they called and who called them, the duration of each call, whether it was answered or not, the date and time, and even the names of the people involved (if they’re in the address book).

Connection Blocker

If you notice your loved ones attend suspicious websites or age-inappropriate websites, you can use Eyezy’s connection blocker to restrict or block access to specific websites or untrusted WiFi networks. Moreover, you can block apps they use without the need for physical access to their cell phone.   

Files Finder

Does your child have a hidden folder on their smartphone? What kind of pictures they’ve stored? With Eyezy, you can access all the photos your child has taken or downloaded from any browser, social media, or messaging app. The same goes for videos stored on their device. If you want to ensure they haven’t downloaded any suspicious apps, the Files Finder feature can help. If you find anything you disapprove of, you can remotely uninstall it by navigating to the “Installed Apps” category under the Files Finder feature.

Plans Breaker

This cell phone monitoring feature involves two categories: events and notes. The events category will allow you to check the events your child has scheduled in their diary. You may also view the title, description, start times, and completion times of all events in your user space:

plans breaker

More importantly, you can use the Eyezy filter to filter the events added on the day, week ago, 2 weeks ago, last month, last 60 days, or all the time. Alternatively, you can narrow the search to a specific time frame by specifying two dates, allowing you to select a “from” date and a “to” date.

specific event time

Eyezy Price – How Much Does Eyezy Cost?

There are three Eyezy subscription plans. Depending on the subscription length, they are divided into:

  • Monthly subscription: $38.39
  • 3-months subscription: $22.39/month
  • 12-months subscription: $7.99/month
eyezy price

The subscription price is for tracking one device only. To monitor multiple devices, you must buy a subscription for each device.

When we contacted the Eyezy team, we were told they offer Premium and Ultimate subscription plans. However, we must choose the Ultimate plan (available for Android and iPhone/iPad) to access the full tracking capabilities of Eyezy. While there is no need for rooting/jailbreaking for the Ultimate plan, that is not true for the Premium plan. But the odd thing was that there is no pricing info for these plans on their website.

unclear pricing policy

Eyezy also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, but you can get it if you face technical problems in the first 2 weeks that customer support can’t fix.

How to Install Eyezy on the Target Phone?

Web-Based Version

  1. Log into the web-based Eyezy’s dashboard.
  2. Click “Get Started”.
  3. Choose the OS of the target cell phone.
select the operating system
  1. For iPhone or iPad, you’ll need to choose the way to connect.
connecting to device

For Android device app installation, you first need to know the Android version your child’s phone is using. Then, you’ll have to access their phone and disable PlayProtect. 

disable PlayProtect

Note: If you disable Play Protect, you will need to download the app’s APK file and manually install the Eyezy app on the target Android device.

download the app's APK file
  1. There will appear a ton of permissions you have to go through.
prevent detection by antivirus

Eyezy Phone App Installation 

  1. Take your (not your child’s) cell phone and open the App Store or Google Play Market.
  2. Download the Eyezy Kids Location Tracker app.
  3. Sign in to your Eyezy account.
  4. Choose whether you want to send your kid an invite link provided by Eyezy over email or social media.
  5. Your child needs to tap the invite link on their device to install Eyezy and connect automatically.
  6. Start viewing the data collected by Eyezy.

Alternatively, you can directly install the app on your kid’s device. They need to tap a button in the app saying it’s on a kid’s device, then scan a QR code from your version of the app. However, this method has some issues: sometimes, the parent’s app wouldn’t recognize the QR code.

Eyezy Compatibility

In short, the Eyezy app is compatible with Android phones/tablets, iPhones, and iPads. You can check your target’s cell phone compatibility by entering the device model and clicking “Check Compatibility” on their official website. 


Eyezy Customer Support

We have checked and admit that the Eyezy team offers excellent live chat support. They respond quickly and provide detailed information on the required topic. They also offer email and cell phone support, which looks good. 

Eyezy vs. Other Parental Control Apps

Screen recorderAvailable only for the Ultimate PlanYesuMobix offers real-time screenshot monitoring for Android in any subscription plan, while Eyezy requires an extra payment.
Full access to the target’s Instagram and Facebook accounts (for iOS)NoYesThanks to the unique feature offered by uMobix, you don’t need to jailbreak an iPhone to monitor Facebook and Instagram, unlike Eyezy.
GeofencingYesNoIn addition to GPS monitoring, Eyezy offers geofencing, while uMobix offers more accurate tracking with a 5-meter radius.
The installation process is simpleNoYesSetting up uMobix is much simpler.
Many social media platforms supportedNoYesEyezy lacks some popular social platforms, such as TikTok or Signal
Rooting/jailbreaking requiredYes, when you choose a Premium PlanNouMobix doesn’t require tampering with the phone settings at all, while Eyezy needs it for most features to work.
Demo app versionYesYesBoth apps offer a demo version.
Live chat supportYesYesCustomer support is fairly good in both apps.
Trial app versionNoYesWhile Eyezy lacks a free trial, uMobix offers it for 1 day.

Is Eyezy Worth It? Final Verdict

Overall, Eyezy is a good parental control spy app with many cell phone tracking features. It has great customer support and affordable pricing plans. However, it lacks a free trial app version and requires rooting or jailbreaking to access all its features. So, if it is not what you are looking for, we recommend you pay attention to the uMobix cell phone tracker.


No. Eyezy app does not offer a free version. So, it is impossible to test the app before purchase. However, a free demo app version is available on the official Eyezy website, so you can use it to see how the app looks.

Yes, the app does work, but to access all its features, you must jailbreak/root your kid's device. Moreover, the installation of Eyezy is complicated, especially for non-tech-savvy users.

The app doesn't need root permission to work, but it might make the app work better. You can still use most features without root, but keylogging and app monitoring need root permission.

Eyezy follows rules to keep your data safe, like PCI-DSS and GDPR. They don't share your info with anyone and use encryption to protect it, which only you control. However, you can use this tool only on your kid's cell phone. To use the spy app on other devices, you will need to ask the target person to allow you to do it.

One Eyezy subscription allows tracking of only one device, be it a cell phone or a tablet. You will need to purchase a new subscription plan to track more than one device.

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