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Nov 1, 2021
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Time limit on iPad

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Smart devices are addictive, especially considering the wealth of activities one can indulge in with them. Now, imagine a smart device in a kid’s hand. If it could be addictive for an adult, how much more a child. Kids can be obsessed with smart devices and may spend a whole day moving from one app to another. While they play games at one time, they might watch videos another time. This isn’t good for their time management and might make them lose focus on their daily activities. However, there are ways to manage one’s screen time easily; one such way is parenting.

You must monitor what your child accesses on her device and how long they use the device. However, you might not be there to monitor, but some tools can help you do that. If your child uses an iPad, setting a time limit on the iPad will suffice. With such a parenting tool, you can monitor how long your child spends on her device even when you’re away. This may then help you set allowances and limits on their device.

For instance, let’s say you don’t want your 7-year-old child to spend beyond 20 minutes using an app on her iPad every day; she might not have the required self-control skill to put off such an app after the designated time. That means you can only monitor when you’re available; if you aren’t, she might spend beyond such time on the device. Thus, you must know how to limit time on the iPad. Such parental tools will help monitor how long they spend on the device, and you may set the device to freeze the apps once the set time is reached. But how can you set up screen time on your child’s iPad? This and more are what you’ll learn below.

How To Make the process of Installation Screen Time on your kid’s iPad? What’s apple say?

Apple knows how addictive the iPad can be for people, especially children; thus, the reason for introducing parental tools that allows you to monitor the time spent on the device. Therefore, the following are ways to set up Screen Time on your kid’s iPad:

  • Set all the downtime and application limits
  • On your child’s iPad, check settings and click on screen time
  • You’ll find the option that allows you to “Turn On Screen Time” tap it and tap continue
  • An interface will display, showing “This is My Child’s iPad” tap it
  • To schedule downtime for your child, you should enter the start and end times. Now, tap Set Downtime.
  • You can also set limits for categories of apps you’d like to manage on the device. Such apps may include videos, games, social networking, etc. To set the time limit on iPad for any of these, you should select the category you want to set.
  • You’ll find all the categories by tapping “All Categories.”
  • Tap Set.
  • Now, you may enter the time required. You’ll find an option that reads “Set App Limit,” tap it.
  • Tap continues. You’ll be required to enter a Screen Time passcode to manage your child’s screen time settings. Enter your desired code, and you’re done.

What can you do with the time limit on the iPad?

Screen time helps you monitor the time your child spent using apps on their iPad. This can guide your decision to remove the apps taking the most time entirely from the device or set app limits.

You can view the data collected as charts which you’ll find in the Screen Time menu. Even without checking, you’ll receive a report on Monday morning via notification. With such notice, you can tell how much time you spent on the device during the week and make possible adjustments for the new week.

The logic behind Screen Time data is that by understanding how your child interacts with his device. You can help them take more control of their time either by limiting how they use the device by setting App limits or by taking drastic action to delete the time-wasting app.

What is Downtime, and how to block specific apps at specific times?

Downtime is a feature that allows you to block apps and notifications during a specific period. Those periods will be when you want time away from your device. In the case of your child, it’ll be periods you want your child away from their device. By default, the downtime set by Apple is often between 10 pm and 7 am.

However, you can adjust the time to your choice. Therefore, your child will be unable to access specific applications on their iPad during such a period. To block specific apps at specific times on your device, you should follow the steps below:

  • Go to settings and tap “Screen Time,” and tap continue
  • You’ll find an option that reads “This is My Child’s iPad” tap it
  • An interface will display showing “Downtime” tap it on Downtime
  • To set the time limit on iPad, you should select the app you want to set.
  • Tap Set
  • If you want to block the apps every day, you should select Every Day. On the other hand, if you want to customize the days, set the desired start and end times.

Top 3 best free apps to limit screen time

Some of the best free apps you can use to limit screen time include:

Screen Time

Apple pre-installed this app on its iOS devices. Although you can’t find it as one of the apps in the menu because it has no icon, you’ll find it in settings. One exciting thing about this app is that being an inbuilt app; and it has no ads.


  • It is free
  • You can get weekly reports on the app
  • Suitable for app and content restriction


You can only select categories of the app and not individual apps

Parental Control App – Kidslox

This app solves the problem Screen Time has. It allows parents to block individual apps on their child’s iPad instead of the app category on Screen Time. Kidslox also provides another feature called Lockdown. This feature allows you to lock all apps on your child’s iPad. You can lock the device as well. Therefore, if your child misbehaves and you want an app that can help you ground them digitally, this app can help. You’ll find the option to block/unblock apps individually in the restriction tab. Thus you can expand which app to block and Unblock under such a category.


  • You can block their access to App Store and also restrict adult content
  • It allows you to set app-wise restrictions
  • It has a lockdown mode


It’s not entirely free. You’re only allowed to use its free trial for 14 days or 70 days if you share the link on social media.

Google Family Link

Like Screen Time, you can lock apps with Google Family Link. It also allows you to schedule the periods you want certain apps accessible by your child. You can also manage the content you want them to access and block inappropriate content you don’t want your child to see.

It comes with a helpful list of apps that teachers recommend for kids. They are apps you can allow your child to access without worrying. Family link has Play Store restrictions preventing kids from purchasing or downloading apps on their iPad. One outstanding feature of this app is that it allows you to track your child’s location on your device.


  • It is free
  • Allows you to track apps and content on your child’s device
  • With the family link, you can track your child’s location on your device
  • It allows parents to limit play store activities on their child’s iPad
  • You can create schedules with the app



How can uMobix parental control help you?

uMobix is a software designed for parents to control their children below 18 years. With this software, you can monitor everything your child does on his iPad in real-time. Thus, it is often regarded as “the cell phone tracker for modern parents.”

uMobix features allow you to monitor 30+ popular applications and social media platforms. One fundamental way this phone tracker app can help you is that it enables you to discipline your child and ensure they’re not crossing the boundary by checking restricted apps or sites. It helps you monitor your child in real-time, even while you’re away.


Leaving a kid with an iPad without proper monitoring is like exposing them directly to an addictive substance. Thus, you need to monitor their activities on a smart device. Such monitoring includes when they can use the device and which apps and sites they can visit. This content should help you to set time limits on the iPad and guide you to choose the best free apps to limit screen time.


Can I limit time on iPad mini?

Yes, you can limit time on iPad mini. Just go to Settings > Screen Time and do the required settings.

How do I put a time limit on my kid’s iPad?

You can put a time limit on your kid’s device by following the order Settings > Screen Time > Continue > This is My Child’s iPad > enter the time limit.

How to limit screen time on the iPad by an hour?

You can do this by following the order Settings > Screen Time > Continue > This is My Child’s iPad > enter the time limit by the hour.

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