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what is wattpad
Jul 26, 2023
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What Is Wattpad? Digital Safety Tips for Parents

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Wattpad is a social-storytelling platform that connects readers and writers, revolutionizing how they engage with captivating content. It fosters a bond through storytelling, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

For parents and reluctant readers, the Wattpad app offers a solution to cultivate a love for reading with its vast library of genres not easily found in traditional bookstores. It also allows aspiring writers to share their work, gain a following, and receive real-time Wattpad reviews from millions of readers. 

With Wattpad, the world becomes a sanctuary that nurtures imagination and a stage for creative expression as readers and writers come together to weave a tapestry of endless stories and captivating adventures.

Wattpad's meaning

With all the advantages this social storytelling platform offers, what are the risks associated with using the Wattpad for kids? And more importantly, what safety measures should parents take to protect their children while using this platform?

This article will explain Wattpad’s meaning and offer valuable digital safety tips for parents to understand and navigate this online space with confidence and knowledge.

What Is Wattpad & How Does It Work?

Since its establishment in 2006 by KB Nam, Wattpad has swiftly blossomed into an awe-inspiring global community, captivating the hearts of an astounding 85 million users across the globe. It’s worth highlighting that an impressive majority, over 90%, of Wattpad’s dedicated users fall into the Millennial or Gen Z category. 

With the extraordinary ability to unleash the boundless creativity of aspiring writers in over 50 diverse languages, the Wattpad app has effortlessly transcended geographical barriers to become a thriving global sensation. 

What Is Wattpad & How Does It Work?

So, what is Wattpad? It is a groundbreaking platform flawlessly connecting fervent readers to enthralling narratives, irrespective of their physical location, offering individuals the immense power to embark on captivating literary journeys anytime, anywhere, with just the touch of their mobile device. 

Wattpad is one of the best reading apps that amounts to a wide range of genres, including romance, science fiction, fanfiction, horror, humor, poetry, thriller, mystery, fantasy, and many more. The platform hosts a vast library of Wattpad movies, stories, and books written by aspiring authors and established writers. This diversity in content allows readers to explore different writing styles, voices, and perspectives. 

Wattpad serves as a unique platform for young writers to display their talent and obtain acknowledgment and admiration for their abilities. Authors can upload their own stories and receive feedback and support from the Wattpad community. This interactive aspect of the platform allows for a dynamic exchange between readers and writers, fostering a sense of community and creativity.

It comes as no surprise that this phenomenal platform has amassed immense popularity, evidenced by users collectively dedicating a staggering 23 billion minutes per month to the enchanting world of Wattpad. 

In recent years, the Wattpad app has expanded its services to include paid premium content. Wattpad Premium offers subscribers an ad-free reading experience and exclusive access to premium stories from popular authors. This added feature provides additional support for writers and ensures a sustainable platform for the continued creation and discovery of exceptional stories.

 Wattpad Premium

Wattpad Pros and Cons

Wattpad has completely changed the dynamics of story-sharing and consumption, allowing writers of all levels to display their work to a worldwide audience. Its extensive collection of user-created content sets it apart, providing a one-of-a-kind literary journey. Yet, like any other platform, Wattpad for kids has its pros and cons.


  • Accessibility: Wattpad app is free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
  • User base: Th platform has a large base of over 84 million users worldwide.
  • Feedback: Wattpad allows users to receive feedback and comments on stories for improvement and motivation.
  • Engagement: Writers can engage with readers through comments and private messages.
  • Publishing opportunities: Wattpad for kids with good writing skills provides remarkable opportunities to have their work acknowledged. By becoming a part of this community, gifted authors can open doors to potential book agreements and even collaboration possibilities with well-known publishers.
  • Variety of genres: With a wide range of genres available on Wattpad search, including fanfiction, romance, adventure, and many more, Wattpad caters to all reading preferences.
  • Ability to earn: Talented writers can earn money for their works on Wattpad.


  • Quality control: Wattpad’s open platform has plenty of poorly written or unedited stories, making it challenging to discover high-quality content.
  • Copyright concerns: Users may upload stories that aren’t their own or include copyrighted material.
  • Content overwhelm: With thousands of works available, readers and writers can feel overwhelmed in finding their target audience or standing out in the sea of options.
  • Limited ways to earn money: While Wattpad offers a paid program, which allows readers in-app purchases of selected stories, the platform generally does not provide significant opportunities for writers to monetize their work. This can discourage authors looking to earn a living from their writing.
  • Inconsistent feedback: While writers on the Wattpad app may receive comments and feedback on their work, the quality of feedback can vary significantly. Many comments are often superficial or lack constructive criticism, which might hinder an author’s ability to improve their writing skills.

Wattpad possesses a balanced blend of strengths and weaknesses. However, what is Wattpad’s remarkable popularity caused by, and what sets it apart from other platforms? Let’s delve into it.

Why Use Wattpad and What Do People Like About It?

Why is Wattpad’s popularity so high and how does it benefit its users? We’ve listed the top reasons that make the platform so popular worldwide:

  1. Ability to share content for free. Wattpad is a widely known and highly utilized storytelling platform that allows writers to share their content freely.
  2. Variety of genres. The platform accommodates a vast range of genres, allowing writers to explore and delve into any topic of their interest.
  3. Feedback sharing. Writers on Wattpad can receive feedback from a large and diverse audience, which aids in enhancing and refining their stories.
  4. User-friendly interface. User-friendly Wattpad’s interface offers writers complete control over their works and allows for easy navigation.
  5. Marketing tool for writers. Aside from being a platform for sharing stories, the Wattpad app can also be effectively used as a marketing tool for writers. They can regularly upload chapters to keep readers engaged or set milestone goals to enhance fan interaction.
  6. Annual contests. Wattpad goes above and beyond by offering writing contests and hosting the prestigious annual Watty Awards, ensuring that up-and-coming authors receive the recognition they deserve.
  7. Valuable tricks for content optimization. The platform provides valuable information, advice, and tips for writers to optimize their experience and maximize their writing potential.

What Do Parents Need to Know About Wattpad? Potential Risks

Wattpad is a hub for authors to proudly display their literary creations while granting readers unfettered access to a vast collection of captivating stories, all free of charge. Yet, for conscientious parents, it becomes imperative to acknowledge the potential hazards woven within the Wattpad tapestry, ensuring the utmost safety for their children. So, what is Wattpad’s highest risk? What do parents must know about Wattpad?

Inappropriate Content

Although Wattpad can be a land of enchantment, where tales of every genre find their home, not all stories published there are age-appropriate (according to Wattpad’s content guidelines, explicit, graphic, or sexually explicit content is available for an audience that is 17 and up). So, parents should embark on a heroic quest to become the guardians of their child’s literary choices, exploring together what is suitable and safe for their young minds.

Privacy Concerns

When joining Wattpad, your child unveils their story to the world. Help your kid create an admirable mystery by reminding them to hide personal information and share it only with those they trust.


Like any social media platform, Wattpad can be a platform for cyberbullying. Users can leave comments on stories or message each other, and some individuals may use this opportunity to harass or bully others. Parents should educate their children about the importance of respectful online behavior and be vigilant for signs of cyberbullying.

Copyright Infringement

Although Wattpad allows users to upload their own stories, it is crucial for parents to effectively communicate the significance of respecting copyright laws to their children. To safeguard creativity and originality, users must not plagiarize or use copyrighted material without permission.

Inappropriate Contact

While Wattpad is generally a safe platform, there is still a risk of individuals attempting to contact children for inappropriate purposes. 

Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe

Ensuring a child’s safety is a top priority for every parent. With potential dangers lurking everywhere, it is important to stay vigilant and proactive in safeguarding our little ones. From the time they take their first steps to when they become independent individuals, there are numerous precautions that we can take to protect them. To help you navigate this crucial aspect of parenting, we have compiled a list of invaluable tips that will assist you in keeping your child safe. 

  • Enhance Your Kids’ Privacy

Although there are no specific options to set an account as private, you can adjust some settings to manage your kid’s privacy. Disable the display name by accessing the profile settings, selecting “Edit profile,” and turning off the “Show display name” feature. Remove the location by accessing the same settings, deleting it, and saving the changes.

  • Communication Is Key

Talk openly with your child about their interest in Wattpad and reading choices. Encourage them to share their favorite stories and authors with you.

  • Set Age-Appropriate Restrictions

Wattpad has a rating system for books, so ensure your child reads content suitable for their age. Monitoring and adjusting the restrictions is necessary to avoid communication with Wattpad sexual predators, which, according to Forbes, frequently leads to  “sex trafficking and assault”.

  • Talk About Security Measures 

It is important to remind your children that it is necessary to maintain the privacy of their personal details, such as their full name, address, phone number, email address, etc. while using Wattpad to ensure their safety.

  • Verify the Content

Take the time to review the books your child is reading or wants to read. Read book summaries, explore author profiles, and check for feedback from other Wattpad users.

  • Make Use of Parental Controls

Activate and customize the parental control features available on Wattpad. This allows you to better control and supervise your child’s activity on the platform. Moreover, you can use uMobix, an excellent monitoring tool for parents offering a wide range of spy app functionalities designed to ensure the safety and well-being of your child in the digital age of child monitoring. 

  • Teach Critical Thinking

Emphasize the importance of critical thinking while using Wattpad. Encourage your child to question and analyze the content they encounter, helping them to develop a discerning eye.

  • Foster Offline Hobbies 

Encourage your child to balance their reading habits with offline hobbies and activities. Promote a well-rounded lifestyle that includes both online and offline experiences.

  • Explore Wattpad Together

Spend time exploring Wattpad with your child. Discover popular authors and engage in conversations about the stories your kid enjoys. This will allow you to understand their interests and monitor their engagement.

  • Encourage and Motivate Your Children

Motivating and encouraging children for their personal and creative writing growth is crucial. Anna Todd’s incredible success as the creator of the “After” series is a perfect example of the possibilities within. Parents can empower their kids to explore their writing talents and share them with the world by providing a supportive environment.

Bottom Line – Is Wattpad Safe for Kids?

Although Wattpad for kids provides many advantages for young readers and writers, including nurturing a passion for literature and fostering creativity, it is important to be mindful of potential risks. Parents should take certain measures to enhance the safety of their children on Wattpad. These include adjusting privacy settings, encouraging open communication about their Wattpad online experiences, and regularly monitoring their activity. 

By implementing these strategies, parents can create a safe virtual environment for their kids, allowing them to enjoy the advantages of Wattpad while minimizing potential dangers.


The platform maintains a strict policy regarding the Wattpad age limit, preventing individuals under 13 from accessing their platform and associated services. If it comes to Wattpad's attention that a user is under 13, their account will be promptly terminated following their terms and conditions.

Apps like Wattpad focus on written content and encourage user-generated stories, while Netflix dominates in releasing TV shows and movies. Despite this, Wattpad is seeking partnerships with streaming platforms like Sony and Netflix to sell their popular stories. 

Yes. Wattpad is a free social-storytelling app that lets users worldwide connect with authors, explore diverse content, and express their creativity by sharing their distinctive stories.

Sure. The platform allows talented writers to earn money through their paid story program called Wattpad Paid Stories. Through this innovative program, talented authors have the rewarding opportunity to share their captivating best Wattpad stories with readers who truly appreciate and admire their exceptional work.

Yes. On Wattpad's settings, you'll find links to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. In-app Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube open directly, while Instagram opens within the app or on its own if installed. Clickable hashtags, profiles, and links are available. 

Your name, email, gender, and birth date are necessary to create an account on Wattpad. Opting out of sharing personal information may restrict access to certain features. Additionally, if you sign up using Facebook or Google, Wattpad will receive your name, email, gender, and birth date. The author may make their profile public or private, decide which information to share, and use a pseudonym.

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