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Roblox slang
Mar 30, 2024
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Parent’s Guide on Roblox Slang: BTC, B4, ABC, SMH and More Explained

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All parents want is to ensure their children’s safety while they are consuming content from the internet, and this starts by first understanding the slang that constitutes a huge part of this content. We know that to the untrained eye, Roblox slang reads like gibberish, which is why we’ll demystify what most of the terminologies used in Roblox mean.

What Is Roblox? Quick Review 

Quick review of Roblox

Roblox is a virtual universe that enables its users to program games and play them. Roblox users may also opt to play games created by other users. Due to COVID-19, usage of Roblox sky-rocketed as people started gravitating towards virtual experiences as a result of the pandemic’s restrictions. According to a report by Backlinko, Roblox sees 70.4 million active visitors from around the world on a daily basis. What’s more, Statista reports that 21% of Roblox users are between 9 and 12 years old. The same report also estimates that only 18% of Roblox’s users are aged 25 and above. This means that there is a good chance your kid is a Roblox consumer.

Roblox Slang 2024: Terms Explained

Roblox words are relatively hard to decipher if you are new to the platform. Let’s take a look at what some of these terms commonly used in Roblox mean.

  • ABC – ABC meaning in Roblox is crucial for most interactions among users. ABC in Roblox doesn’t stand for anything – it is simply used when a player wants to request another player or state their own readiness to perform a task, make a trade, or make an offer. Depending on how it is used, it can be either a question or a response.
  • AFK – This is an abbreviation that stands for “away from keyboard”. A player typically uses AFK when they have to leave the game for a while.
  • AA – This stands for “admin abuse”. Some games on Roblox give certain users special privileges. Other players can use the term AA to mean that the users are abusing these privileges.
  • Banned Forever – This means that a Roblox user has been banned from using the platform permanently. This can be a result of using hateful language and slurs on the platform.
  • A/C – This means accept or counter. This is typically used when a user is trading an item with another user.  
  • A/D – This means accept or decline. This is used when a player is trading an item with another player and the user is not interested in a counteroffer.
  • AOS – This means arrest on sight. This phrase is often used when gamers play Roblox games where you can role play as a police officer.
  • B) – This is an emoticon representing a person with a smirk wearing sunglasses. This is used when a player is trying to brag about an achievement in a game.
  • Based – This is Roblox slang used when a player strongly agrees with the opinion of another player.
  • BB – This term means baby. BB can be used as an endearing term or jokingly, depending on the context.
  • BBG – This phrase stands for baby girl. BBG is mostly used as an insult or as a joke.
  • Beamed – Roblox has games where players can play against other teams or other players. When a player says that he/she is getting beamed, it means that he/she is repeatedly getting killed by the same player or team.
  • Beaned – You can be banned from various games on the Roblox platform due to various reasons. Players on Roblox use the term beaned to mean being banned from a game on Roblox.
  • Bloxxed – In various games on Roblox, when a player is killed, the avatar breaks apart into blocks. Due to this, the term bloxxed was coined to mean that a player has been killed.
  • Boosted Ape – Some games in Roblox enable players to form teams. These games mostly have a points system that winning players or teams can gain. When a player is referred to as a boosted ape, it means that the player is not high on points by merit, but because they are riding on the coattails of the other team members.
  • BRB – This phrase means “be right back”. BRB is used in a similar context to AFK, the difference being that the former is typically used when a player wants to take a relatively shorter break from a game.
  • Comped – The Roblox universe is riddled with scammers who hack accounts, steal items, and sell them on the black market. When this happens, Roblox users say an account has been comped, which is a shorthand for the word compromised.
  • Bypass – Roblox has a chat filter that weeds out harmful content from the Roblox chat. When a user finds a way to work around this filter, in Roblox slang, it is known as a bypass.
  • Copypaste/CNP – Most roleplaying games in Roblox let the user create a custom playable avatar. If a user’s avatar looks derivative, Roblox players call it a copypaste.
  • Cord/Discard/Disco – Because many users of Roblox are underage, the Roblox chat filter sieves out the word Discord, which is an instant messaging platform. Roblox does this because it has players under the age of 13, and Discord can contain inappropriate content for kids of this age. Roblox users found a way to bypass the chat filter by shortening the word Discord, naming it differently, or even sometimes going as far as spelling it backward.
  • Dog Water – In Roblox, being a great gamer gives you bragging rights, and being a poor gamer puts you at the receiving end of insults and ridicule. Dog water is one of those insults. It means that a player’s gameplay performance is bad.
  • Easy/EZ – These are slang words in Roblox used to demean another player. It means you beat a player without too much of a struggle.
  • FFA – This abbreviation is a shorthand for the phrase “free for all”. This describes a gameplay situation where there is no rule or structure, and each player is on their own.
  • Filterpass – Roblox’s chat filter ensures that inappropriate content does not reach its young and impressionable users by filtering out certain keywords. Roblox users get around the chat filter by slightly changing the spelling of words. This is known in the Roblox universe as a filterpass.
  • FW – This is short for “fuck with”. It is used to mean that you like a particular person.
  • G2G/GTG – This means “got to go”. This abbreviation is used when a player wants to leave the game for an extended period and go offline.
  • GG – Most roleplaying games in Roblox are played in teams. When a team wins a game, players can tell their teammates GG, meaning it was a good game.
  • DM – In Roblox, players can choose to engage with another player privately. This is known as a direct message or DM, and this conversation is exclusive to the two parties involved.
  • Git gud – When a player wins a match, the player uses the phrase git gud as an insult to the other player or team’s skill. It means that the player or team should put in more time to get good at the game as their current skillset is underwhelming.
  • Go Commit – As we have by now established, as much as Roblox has put in measures to ban inappropriate and/or harmful content, some users have found creative ways to circumvent these measures. Some users use the phrase go commit which means go kill yourself.
  • Hax – Games in Roblox are programmed using a language known as Lua. Some players use clever ways to hack these games and win maliciously. When Roblox players suspect that another gamer is cheating using these means, they use the term h4x or hax.
  • Noob – Typically, when a player is new to a game, there is a clear lack of experience in their gameplay. Other players refer to this new gamer as a noob, which is a condescending way of expressing their lack of skill in the game.
  • NGF – On Roblox, players can trade items in exchange for a virtual currency known as Robux. Many players when making these trades tend to be highly skeptical due to the large presence of scammers on Roblox. When a player is cynical about another player that they are making a trade with, they can use NGF to mean not going first.
  • BTC – A question that is frequently asked is, what does BTC mean in Roblox? This abbreviation can mean one of two things. Most commonly, it stands for Bitcoin, which is a cryptocurrency that players can mine in certain games. It can also be used as a shorthand for the phrase “because they can”.
  • B4 – This Roblox slang is just a simplified way of saying before.
  • MB – Teams in a Roblox game usually come up with strategies to beat opposing teams. When a player in a team messes up in a way that costs the team the game, the player can use the contraction MB to mean my bad.
  • SMH – When a player disapproves of something that another player has done, they can use the short form SMH to mean shaking my head.
  • Coems – Incorrectly spelling a word is the simplest approach Roblox users take when trying to bypass the chat filter. Coems is an intentional misspelling of the benign word comes, but it can also be used to mean the inappropriate word cums, which is usually flagged by the chat filter.
  • ;-; – This emoticon symbolizes a crying person. It is often used as a hyperbole and not real crying.
  • xD – This is used as a laughing emoticon. It is mostly used as a reaction to a joke.
  • IG – This is a contraction that stands for the phrase I guess.

When Should Parents Be Worried?

The internet can be a very tricky place to navigate safely for underage children. One minute, they are consuming safe content, the next, they might be exposed to extremely inappropriate information for their age. Parents should be constantly ensuring online safety for their children, ensuring that they consume appropriate content in these formative years.    

Restrict apps with uMobix

You can enable account restrictions to block Roblox content that is inappropriate in a Roblox for kids account, but as we have seen, users on Roblox have creative ways of bypassing the filters that are put in place. Fortunately, there are tools parent can use to monitor in real time what their kids are consuming on the internet. uMobix is one such application that is available on both Android and iOS. uMobix can be used to track everything that your kid does with his/her phone in real-time. Other alternative tools like SpyBubble can also come in handy when you need to constantly monitor your children’s devices. 

Need Help with Roblox?

In case you are parent who wants to know more about Roblox to ensure your child uses the platform appropriately, Roblox has helpful information. In the support tab, you can read articles that can keep you updated on the safety features Roblox has put in place. Roblox also has an article that gives parents tips on how to monitor what their child is doing on Roblox. You can go through these and many other texts to better equip yourself with tools to ensure your children are safely consuming Roblox content.


The meaning of BTC can be one of two things depending on the context in which it's being used. It could mean the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which can be mined in some games. It could also stand for "because they can".

B4 in Roblox is a contraction of the word before.

MB is an abbreviation that is a short form for my bad. It is often used in the context where a player makes a mistake to their team's detriment. It is meant as a quick apology.

SMH stands for shaking my head. It is ordinarily used when a player in Roblox disapproves of what another player has done or said.

When gamers in Roblox want to take a break from a game for a lengthy period, they use the shorthand AFK, which means away from the keyboard.

To ensure the safety of its users, Roblox has a chat filter for inappropriate content. Roblox users have found ingenious ways of getting around this chat filter by deliberately misspelling words, and coems is one of those words. Coems may mean "comes", but it is more often used as "cums", which is flagged by Roblox's chat filter.

Roblox users take pride in creating avatars that are creative and unique, and not generic and derivative. When Roblox users come across an avatar that seems to borrow heavily from a previously created avatar, it is deemed to be a CNP. This is Roblox slang for copy and paste.

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