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Jan 20, 2022
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How to Track Someone’s Location with Phone Number in Real Time

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here may be exceptional situations when you need to find location by phone number, and if you can do it without paying – even better. Luckily for you, there are plenty of apps that track location in this way, so it allows you to choose the one that fits your needs best.

Can You Track Someone’s Location with JUST Their Phone Number and Stay Unnoticed?

You might already be intrigued by the fact that it is possible to track location by cell phone number. It sounds like a feature from a spy movie, where the whole agency works to support a special agent with such tracker apps. However, in your case, you do not need an agency.

You can find a person’s location through phone number using one of the location tracking services mentioned here. No one says you cannot search for more options on Google, of course, it is all up to you. Location tracking software is in high demand: parents, spouses, and employers want to know the location of the target phone using a cell phone number and stay anonymous at the same time.

Best Apps to Find Location by Phone Number with Ease

Behold 8 services to track someone’s location with just their phone number you can start with (and maybe opt for in the future if one meets all your requirements).

Find Location Using Phone Number with uMobix

uMobix main page

uMobix phone tracker places emphasis on the safety of the children, and its creators pride it as one of the simplest mobile tracker apps that can be used to track phone number location of your kids. It is focused on saving children from imminent dangers and offers parents the chance to track location of their wards without stress. Parents who want to keep a close tab on their kids will find this app useful as it can be used to check call history, text messages, social apps, GPS location tracker, etc.

There are amazing features that you will enjoy when you use the uMobix location tracker app, and these are as follows:

  • view the call history on their mobile devices while you track a phone number;
  • view text messages with a cell phone tracker app;
  • see their social apps (locate a cell phone position free online);
  • you will get a real-time update on the movement of your kids as you have access to the GPS location tracker;
  • access the target device (track someone’s location with phone number by SMS);
  • stream the camera and microphone of the smartphone used by your kids;

offers you the chance to view an iOS or Android phone number’s deleted information and GPS coordinates of the real-time location.

Track a Cell Phone Location with Just the Number Using

geofinder main page is a phone number tracker that works completely differently. You can use it to track an Android phone or iOS device; in fact, does not care about the platform at all. Its task is to track location by cell phone number, not by the platform of the operating system. 

To trace a phone using, you need to follow just a couple of very straightforward steps:

  • type the mobile number in the corresponding field on the website;
  • compose a trustworthy message;
  • tap “FIND” to track the location of a phone.

It is essential to compose a trustworthy message, as will send a link to track the location of the device. If the owner does not tap on it – there is no current location for you (in fact, you also won’t get any information on the location history).

To use location tracking service, you must pay $39.99 monthly. When you try to track someone’s location with phone number with its help for the first time, you will be offered to create an account and choose the payment method that suits you best. Your subscription can be canceled anytime, free of charge.

Type in Phone Number and Find Location Free Online with Spokeo Phone Tracker

spokeo main page

You can type in phone number and find location free of charge using Spokeo. Of course, if you need a more detailed location tracker – pay the monthly fee and get full reports; all the basic information, though, is available without any payment from your side.

You can track a person using the Spokeo website or mobile app; there are no functional differences. If you use the website, the procedure is very similar to the one imposed by

  • enter the phone you want to track in the corresponding field on the website;
  • tap or click the “Search” button;
  • get the basic report if you track the location for free or a detailed one if you pay the subscription.

Those who need a mobile application can download it from the Google Play Store for free. Upon launching it, you must type in a phone number you want to track in the search field, the same as with the website. The service Spokeo provides is quite decent for a free phone tracker, to our mind, so it is definitely worth trying.

Find Someone’s Location by Phone Number via

locationtracker main page is another application to find someone’s location by phone number, which works almost the same way as

  • send a phone tracking link with an interesting message to your target via any messaging service;
  • wait until the person opens the link;
  • log into your userspace and track a phone number location there – the information about it must be uploaded there shortly after your “victim” taps on the link.

The weirdest thing about this service to track a phone location is that it requires a photo from you to generate the location tracking link. Any photo or picture from your gallery. We have a guess that, in such a way, this number tracker is trying to protect itself against spammers, but still, it is weird. There are more common ways to do it.

Now, to the positive points: has a free trial, which is great news for everyone! And if you are satisfied with how it tracks phone locations – subscribe for only $39.99 per month!

Find the Current Location with Intelius – Not a Phone But a Person Tracker

intelius main page

Intelius differs from all the applications mentioned above as it uses the phone lookup method. It will not show you the location of the target on the map. Instead, you will get a lot of other important information about a person using their phone number:

  • address;
  • full name;
  • criminal record;
  • place of work;
  • family status.

The point is that Intelus is a huge public archive that helps people find important information about the phone and its owner. They opened a website and created a phone application to help you track, for example, a relative or friend using their mobile phone, name, or address. It is free to use and 100% legal, but it has one huge downside: it only does the reverse phone lookup on the territory of the United States. It allows you to track a phone number of people living only in that country (it is an American company with only access to officially registered data about Americans).

Use Reverse Phone Lookup to Track a Phone Number Location Free of Charge

whitepages phone lookup

Reverse Phone Lookup number tracker is, basically, an online and digitalized version of the famous Whitepages with some additional perks. Same as Intelius, it also works only on American territory; thus,  if you live in any other country – pass by and choose another app to track a phone number location. So, what is this application to find the location free of charge capable of?

  1. You will get all the public details about a person using the number lookup feature, like with Intelius.
  2. Type in phone number and find location of its owner using the reverse phone search.
  3. Turn to the reverse address lookup to find out the location history: who lived at this address, when, and what happened there.

The reverse phone lookup phone tracker app saves you dozens of hours on googling addresses and contact details, trying to find a person, or knowing more about the location of a phone number.

Find the Location with Truecaller – an App to Track Phone Number Location Recognized in the Whole World

truecaller main page

Over 2 million people worldwide use Truecaller to find someone’s location by phone number. It works like and, but people appreciate it for fast live location tracking, detailed reports, and a free basic version. This app to track cell phone location for free is also spam-protected (in the basic version) and add-protected (starting from the “Connect” plan, which costs $29.99 per year).

Depending on how you want to track someone’s location with phone number, you can choose to use the mobile application or website. You only need to enter the phone number in the search field to find the location via the website. Should you choose the app – download it from the official store first and track location by phone number for free. Track a Cell Phone Location by Number

scannero main page

It is difficult to invent a new description for every service that allows to track a phone location by number as they all work in the same way: 

  • enter the number in the corresponding field on the website;
  • compose a message;
  • send a link to track phone number.

The main way to differentiate one phone tracker by number from another is their price and availability of free trial. Talking about – you can track cell phone using the free trial first, and if you like everything about this service – start paying $49.80 per month for the full version.

If you use to find location using phone number, it does not matter what device you have: it works similarly on PCs, MACs, iOS, and Android devices. As usual with such mobile number tracker apps, the main disadvantage is that the target must tap on the link to get tracked. If they do not – it won’t be possible to track them.


Final Word 

You have plenty of options if you want to track location by phone number. You can choose to use either the uMobix all-around phone tracker or an app to find a person using GPS location tracking, such as GEOfinder. Most services use the same principle: you are supposed to type in phone number and find location of your object. Obviously, before using any of them, you must first search for a phone number.

As a matter of fact, all applications to track cell phone locations are legal, with some occasional exceptions, depending on your exact location. The phone number’s owner must also give their consent by opening the received tracking link.
The final piece of advice – do not miss your chance to track location by phone number free of charge by using the trial versions of some apps or even enjoying the free versions of others (with limited functionality, but the key word is free).


How to track someone's location with phone number for free should not be a big question for you. There is Spokeo free phone number spy and Truecaller cell phone tracking software. Both provide you with the most essential set of features for tracking the location of a cell phone at no price and a chance of getting an improved kit for some monthly payment.

Those who live in the USA can try such free services as Reverse Phone Lookup and Intelius to get information about the phone number's owner. Both services work similarly to Whitepages; in fact, they function like the digital versions of the latter.

It is quite easy. Type the phone number at the place you are required to insert their phone numbers in the search box of the preferred provider. Once you have an account with some phone lookup service providers, you will receive a comprehensive report about the address, and other details related to the phone number (while using app to track phone numbers).

This question resembles the marihuana legalization issue: in some countries, it is allowed; in some – it is allowed with some details, and somewhere, it is banned. GPS location tracking legality depends on your country. To be on the safe side, better check if it is legal to find someone's location by phone number in your jurisdiction.

It is also worth mentioning that if you want to track a person, it is usually done with their consent. Your object is supposed to open the link you send; thus, they agree to share their exact location. It is a general rule that without one's agreement, you cannot legally see their location on the map.

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