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Aug 15, 2022
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How to Safely Access the Deep Web, Dark Web, and Surface Webs

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Is it possible to access the dark web? This article will tell you everything there is to know! If you know anything about the Internet, you’ve probably heard there is more to it than just the websites you find on Google. Like an onion, the Internet has many layers, and you may not know how to access them. This article can help you figure out how to do it.

What Are the Surface Web, the Deep Web, and the Dark Web?

You’ve probably heard these terms before, but you don’t know what they mean. So let’s break them down.

Surface Web

The Surface Web describes websites you visit through Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other major web browsers. In short, the Surface Web is the public side of the Internet. The best way to describe it is that it’s the tip of the iceberg. While the Surface Web seems vast, there’s a much deeper surface hiding underneath. It’s estimated that 4% of the Internet is only the Surface Web. So, despite it making up a minority of the Internet, it’s what most users see.

Deep Web

The Deep Web consists of pages that a search engine cannot find. Sometimes, this is due to the page having no SEO to see it, or the website owner doesn’t want anyone to find it. Sometimes, the Deep Web can be a page in a website that’s visible through a search engine, but the page itself is not. It’s said that 96% of the web’s content is the deep web.

You’re likely to run into a wild west worth of content on the Deep Web. From Easter eggs to hidden pages, there is a lot to find. However, the Deep Web is different from the Dark Web.

One way you can access the Deep Web is through the Internet Archive, which is designed to archive web pages as well as past versions of them. In addition, there are many browsers specifically for the Deep Web, many of which go hand in hand with the Dark Web.

Dark Web

Chances are, you do know what the Dark Web is. The Dark Web, also known as the Black Web, a portion of the Internet consists of illegal marketplaces and other reasons for being anonymous. People tend to associate the Dark Web with illicit drugs, child exploitation, and other societal ills. However, not everything there is illegal. You can access this portion of the Web through the Tor browser. More on that later.

Dark Web Tools and Services

On the Dark Web, you will find many tools and services you could usually not find on ordinary browsers. While some of these services are downright illegal, such as buying stolen accounts, buying drugs, or other illicit activities, some are legal tools, including social media, chat rooms, and other services.

Some places just like the idea of having a genuinely anonymous web, and they may be on the Dark Web for that reason. But, when browsing, always ensure that what you’re doing is legal. We do not condone any illegal activity.

How to Get on the Dark Web

The best way to get on the Dark Web is through the anonymous Tor browser. Some browsers, such as Brave, also include Tor as an option. For example, on Brave, you can click on the hamburger window and select “New private window with Tor.”

There are other ways to get on the Dark Web, but Tor is the safest option. You put yourself at risk if you use a regular browser. When you open up the browser, be sure your VPN is turned on. A virtual private network (VPN) helps mask your identity, meaning you won’t be tracked by people who want to steal your data. While at it, you should also ensure your security settings are high to avoid hackers. When using the Tor browser, you can click on links to the Dark Web that wouldn’t have been accessible otherwise.

While we will not tell you explicitly how to access the black market, we can tell you that some Dark Web websites, such as the Hidden Wiki, are an excellent way to access some markets that the surface web does not have.

One reason Tor is best for the Dark Web is that it uses onion encryption, meaning it can access most modern Dark Web pages. Like the regular Internet, the dark web has evolved as security has. So using the latest tools is ideal for getting the best protection.

Is It Illegal to Go on the Dark Web?

You may be afraid to go on the Dark Web not just because of its content but because you’re afraid of being arrested. You may believe that the FBI will knock down your door if you go to a shady website.

However, what is interesting about it is that it is legal to visit it in most countries. This portion of the Internet is legally neutral, but it is home to illegal activities. You can be in hot water if you participate in those criminal activities. However, you will not be arrested if you’re visiting out of sheer curiosity. Please note that we do not endorse any illegal activities on the Dark Web and are also not legal advice.

So while it is home to many illegal activities, simply going on there isn’t enough. Many people visit the Dark Web out of curiosity or for the reason that it’s not illegal, so the idea that everyone who does this can get arrested is a bit preposterous.

Types of Threats on the Dark Web

  • Viruses and Malware. The Dark Web is home to keyloggers, malware, viruses, and other threats that can steal your information. When browsing it, you always want to ensure that you are using a VPN and have all security systems up whenever you browse. Keep anonymous, or else you’re at risk of your account being the victim of a hack.
  • Scam websites. Some websites you find on the Dark Web promise services, but they are trying to scam you out of money. When you have access, knowing which websites are good and which are not can be challenging, so trust your gut. One way to avoid scams is to avoid any website that claims to do something illegal for you. If they’re willing to break the law, they’re willing to steal from you.
  • Government monitoring. Again, you will not be arrested for simply visiting the Dark Web unless you participate in illegal activity. However, what may happen if you browse it via an insecure Dark Web browser is that the government could monitor you. If you do not like that, be sure you have all of your shields up! Never visit any suspicious website without some level of protection.
  • Honeypots. This is similar to scam websites, but instead of stealing your information, they are services that claim to perform an illegal activity run by the government. When you’re on the Dark Web, avoiding doing illicit activities is the best way to prevent honeypots.
  • Content. You can run into content that may be distressing to you. For example, you may see violent, sexually exploitative, or other horrific content. The best way to avoid this is not to browse websites with a bad reputation or avoid the Dark Web altogether.

One way to avoid these threats is to use Tor and have the security settings cranked to maximum. This way, you can prevent hackers and government spying. If you go into the Dark Web without protection, you will likely become a hacking victim.

How to Surf the Dark Web Safely

Using Tor is the best among the Dark Web search engines, as it keeps you protected while you browse. Not only that, but you can use Tor to access all the other parts of the web, too.

When downloading Tor, only do so from official sources. Never download it from a suspicious website, as it may be there to steal your data.

Have all security protections cranked as high as you can, too? Tor filters your activity through its network, but in addition to that, you want to have extra protections. You never know when something will happen.

Even with all the precautions, we should mention that going on the Dark Web is risky. So be mindful of that, and never give away information that can expose you.

End User Protection Against Exploitation by the Dark Web

If you’re worried about your child or someone you love being exploited by the Dark Web, that is a valid concern. But unfortunately, while you can find legal services on the Dark Web, we won’t deny that most of the Dark Web is inundated with illegal, exploitative activities.

If you want to prevent anything from happening, uMobix is a solution. This is a parental control app and phone tracker. With it, you can use its services to track every activity your child is doing and also ensure that they are not talking to bad actors.

With uMobix, you can keep track of your child’s location and read their conversations. This app is your one-stop shop for keeping your child safe online.

Besides keeping your kid safe, uMobix is also an excellent app if you want to add more protection to your phone. By monitoring all of your activity, you can also provide some extra security for yourself.

Best of all, this app is easy to use and affordable. So when you’re trying to protect your kids, uMobix has your back. Surf the website to learn more.

Final Words

With that, this is a basic understanding of the dark web. The dark web is the true wild west of the Internet, where lawlessness runs amok, but there are also perfectly legal activities to be found there. Once again, we do not endorse any illegal activity you may find there, and we do not condone anything illegal that you may do.

What we will mention is that you must protect your children from any hazards that wait for them online. A parental control app is one solution. With that, we hope this article was helpful for you. Happy browsing!


How to carry out the Dark Web access?

Many dark web links are not accessible via a standard browser. Instead, you need to download the Tor browser, allowing you to surf the dark web. Tor is also available on another web 3.0 browser such as Brave. When accessing the dark web, ensure your security settings are as high as possible. This way, you avoid any dangers that come your way.

Is the Dark Web dangerous?

The dark web is filled with black markets and illegal content. Not only that, but it is filled with malware, hackers, and bad actors looking to scam you. It’s also prone to government spying.

Because of all this, you do not want to go into the dark web without protection. Tor is the safest browser, and you can play with its security settings to ensure a safer browsing experience. Never go into the dark web without at least some kind of protection because it will end badly.

What kinds of sites can I find on the Dark Web?

The dark web is a grab bag of various websites. As you may assume, there are black market websites that are illegal to use. However, you can find traditional websites on the dark web, such as chat rooms, social media, photo-sharing sites, and more. Some dark web users only browse the dark web to be anonymous and away from a web controlled by big tech websites.

How does Tor work?

Tor uses onion routing, which is why many websites on the dark web have the word onion in them. Onion routing uses P2P or peer-to-peer technology. In addition, Tor uses multiple encryption layers to browse safely, meaning you can visit the dark web without much worry about who is watching you.

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