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Apr 13, 2022
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Vanishing Text: How to Monitor Disappearing Messages

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We all understand that vanishing text is the best way to hide some information. You may forget to delete the message, or your contact can use it against you. So, the option of texts vanishing after the recipient reads them is exceptionally convenient. But when it comes to another person, especially your child, the possibility to hide the conversation can cause your anxiety and worries.

Fortunately, technologies have developed on both sides. For example, as soon as someone invents the function of vanishing messages, another app offers the possibility to read them even after they are deleted. So, we prepared this material to explain how it functions in different apps and messengers.

What Are Disappearing Messages? 

It means the text is automatically deleted from the conversation after some time. When text messages disappeared, both parties can’t restore or save them. You can set the period for messages to remain in the chat in messengers. In other apps, texts disappear right after the recipients read them.

Why Do Apps Use Disappearing Content? 

This function ensures more privacy and protects your information. When using the vanishing text option, you can ensure that all the content you sent, including photos and videos, is deleted from the chat. It’s beneficial if you are afraid someone can get access to your device and read your chats.

Unfortunately, this function can also help to hide some shady business. It’s the first choice of cheaters and unfaithful spouses. They prefer to use a vanish mode messenger not to be caught red-handed. So, like any other technology, disappearing text can be used with good or bad intentions.

Risks of Disappearing Messages for Kids 

His function can create a problem when it comes to children. They have little life experience. That’s why online predators and criminals like them as prey. Responsible parents always try to find a way to protect their kids. And it includes the question of how to monitor kids’ text messages. 

In old times you were able just to take the phone and check the texts and chats, but now it’s not the guarantee of safety. The conversation can seem completely innocent because some content was deleted from it. If you want to ensure the fundamental safeguard of your child, you have to use some kind of parental control app. It’s the only way to read the vanishing texts and don’t worry about safety.

What Social Media Have a Vanish Mode

Nearly all modern messengers and social media allow activating the vanishing of messages. It’s a popular option, and no wonder that all the apps developed for communications want to include it. In this part of the article, we will analyze the specifics of the vanishing text options in different apps.


In this messenger, you can set the option from the group and individual chats. The function is available in the conversation settings. You can choose the time for your messages to remain in the conversation. The shortest period is 24 hours. 

Other participants of this chat will receive a notification of vanishing mode activation after the set period. Your texts, photos, and videos sent in this chat will disappear. The option is valid only for messages sent after the mode activation. 


This app is famous because of the vanishing text feature. It was the first messenger to offer this function. Snapchat deletes texts by default after some time, but you can shorten this period. The app provides only two options: your messages disappear after reading or in 24 hours. 

The option is available in the chat menu, and you can switch between options any time you want. Unfortunately, the information can’t be restored, so if you are interested in how to monitor Snapchat, read our recommendations at the end of this article.


This messenger doesn’t offer the vanishing text option in regular chats. For texts to disappear, you have to start a secret chat with a person. After beginning the secret conversation, you’ll see a timer. Set the preferable time for messages to vanish. You can choose a period from one second to seven days.


This popular messenger doesn’t store your chats. So if you delete it from the device, all the conversations will be lost. You can also delete the message or a photo from the chat just but tapping on it. If you don’t want to delete every text manually, set the option of disappearing messages. Depending on your choice, they will be deleted in 24 hours, in a week, or 90 days.


You can activate the Instagram vanish mode only after synchronizing with Facebook Messenger. But in any case, you can send the disappearing photos and videos. The system will delete them from the group or individual chat after the recipient watches them.

Facebook Messenger

You can activate the vanishing text function in the privacy section of the chat settings. The messages will disappear once the recipient views them and leaves the chat. Unfortunately, this option is available only for individual conversations, and you can’t use it in group chats.

Other Private Messaging Apps and Features 

As we said before, the possibility to hide conversations and messages is in high demand. As a result, there are a lot of secret messaging apps like CoverMe, Blur Chat, and Vault. They offer complete privacy and different opportunities for personal messaging.

Some people prefer to use a hidden chat app, where a particular chat can be seen without a unique password. If someone opens such an app, they will see only the innocent conversations, but not the discriminating information. 

Tips for Parents to Monitor Their Kid’s Texts

It’s great if your kids trust you and share their thoughts and intentions. But sometimes, it’s not enough to ensure their safety. For example, your child can tell you everything about one part of their life and hide the information about other areas. It means you should take additional measures to protect them.

We recommend using a complex solution like uMobix or, for example, Cocospy. These platforms allow you access to all aspects of your kid’s digital life. For example, you can see call logs, view all the contacts saved in the contact section, read messages, including the deleted and disappearing ones, and see the exact location of the kid on the map in real-time. 

This way, you can ensure that no one suspicious is having conversations with your children. You will also know about their plans and intentions and can protect them from reckless and dangerous actions. You can also control the time your child spends online and even block some apps remotely for the time they need to study.

How Parental Control Apps Can Help 

When you use an app to read text messages, the vanishing text is not an obstacle for you. The system will show you all the deleted messages from the chats. It allows you to see the whole picture and know all you need about the online communications of your kid. 

Almost all modern solutions for parental control include the option to see hidden and secret chats in popular messengers and show you the texts and media sent in vanishing mode. In other words, after installing the spying app on your child’s device, you’ll get access to all the conversations they have.

Handy Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe on the Net 

A simple phone tracking app is not enough if you want to control your child’s contacts and digital activities. You need a complex solution providing data about all areas of digital communications, for example, uMobix. It is a convenient platform with an intuitive dashboard where you can find the answers to all your questions.

Even if you can’t access some app or social media from the dashboard, the keylogger option will show you the credentials of all accounts used on a specific device. So, you can log into these apps and see for yourself. 

Another exciting app with roughly the same functions is Cocospy. You can watch all your kid’s conversations in different messengers in your account dashboard. This system also shows the texts deleted by the user or vanishing mode enabled. If your child has suspicious conversations, you can easily block the contact remotely. After that, this person won’t be able to text your kid anymore.

Wrapping It Up

The safety of your kids is your responsibility. And in our age of technologies, you should provide it in the digital world. Sometimes, it’s more important to control the children’s online lives than real ones. Luckily you have different tools to do it most conveniently and discreetly. All the reliable apps work in a stealth mode. It means that your kid won’t be able to detect them on their device. This way, you can protect your kid from various online dangers and keep their trust.

Modern complex systems for parental control provide all the data you need to ensure that your kid is alright. Yes, you have to pay for the services, but the prices are usually reasonable, and your peace of mind is worth paying for the subscription.


Can parental control apps see vanishing text messages? 

In most cases, yes. Nearly all parental control solutions save vanishing messages and show them just like the regular ones. Even if you activated the vanishing text mode, you’d see the whole conversation in the dashboard. So it’s better to check if the parental control app provides this option before purchasing it.

What’s the best way for a parent to keep track of their child’s text messages? 

The best way to track messages is via the modern spying software developed for this purpose. Even if you can access the device and read the texts, it doesn’t mean that you know everything. Your kid can delete the messages from the chat, and you’ll never know their content. Using the tracking apps ensures total control.

Does vanish mode work on both sides? 

Vanish mode deletes the messages on both sides. Neither the sender nor the recipient can read them when they disappear from the chat. This function erases the information from the conversation history. But if the parental control app is installed on your child’s device, you’ll be able to see this information in your dashboard.

Can parental control apps be detected?

Technically, yes. But the applications all function in stealth mode. The phone owner has no idea that the app is installed. Modern spying software is optimized to consume the least possible resources. It makes the program invisible. But you can delete it from your kid’s phone any moment you want. It can be necessary when you need to install it on a new device.

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