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What does GYAT mean
Teen Slang
May 11, 2024
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What Does GYAT Mean?

It should not be a secret for you, and if it is, then we will reveal it: language is a living organism; it develops and evolves. One of the simplest examples of such evolution is slang, which always originates as some special lexis for teens and the younger generation and then becomes a language norm with time. The word “cringe” is one of the brightest examples: nowadays, it is used by young people more than the “f-word”. And stepping on its toes is GYAT, an abbreviation that has already conquered American Twitch and is ready to move on. So, what does GYAT mean?

GYAT History

Of course, no one writes a chronicle of modern vocabulary development, so it is hard to say exactly when the GYAT (or GYATT, or GYATTTTT term, the number of “Ts” in the end can be random) term was born, you can still find some of its footsteps on the internet. A commonly accepted opinion, though, is that it is rooting from the end of 2010s.

Original Meaning

YourRage, an American streamer, started using this word back in 2020 as a new original exclamation. He says that he was bored of such exclamations as “goddamn” or “grolly”, so he started saying GYAT just to express his emotions and excitement. As it often happens on social media, it quickly became a part of modern viral slang, and his chat on the Twitch platform was full of it. 

New Meaning

In 2023, a music parody video was posted on TikTok, where GYAT was used as an acronym to describe a woman with a figure resembling a sand watch or a woman with big buttocks: “girl, your a** is thick”. Now, the GYAT “slang term is used by teens and social media users to express strong excitement, surprise, or admiration”, as noted by

Is This Term Dangerous?

So, we know now what does GYAT mean, but should we get worried when we notice our children using it? First of all, let’s think about situations it can be used in:

  • as a comment under a video on YouTube, Twitch, or TikTok;
  • in communication on messengers with peers and friends;
  • on Instagram and Google as a search hashtag;
  • in modern songs, and especially rap.

Generally, this term is not dangerous, as it does not have any hidden senses, it is not a marker for a suicidal or aggressive attitude, and it has no connection to drugs and alcohol. If your child uses this term on any social media platform, it is usually harmless and may only tell you about their personal taste in female appearance.

The only alarming sign could be the situation when your child, and especially your daughter, starts getting messages containing GYAT abbreviation from strangers. Considering the GYAT meaning, it can be viewed as sexual harassment, so it would be good to be informed when it happens.

How to Track GYAT Usage?

Personal awareness is the key to this situation. Every parent should understand that their children may not have the same lexical paradigm for some words as they do, and if they do not explain it, how would the kids know it? Talk to young people about the definition of this word and its origins, show how it is used in popular culture, and let them build their opinion themselves.

Install uMobix on Their Device

uMobix to track GYAT usage

uMobix is a phone tracking software used to monitor all device activity, starting from location tracking and social media monitoring to browsing history access. You can use it to check if your child gets messages containing GYAT through any sources: WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta, Kik, Snapchat. It still lacks Discord on its list, though, but it is not so essential as it is mostly used by males, according to the Statista review, and the most GYAT-vulnerable category is females. So, uMobix is a decent means of ensuring your daughter is not being harassed. Keep abreast of concerning slang terms your child sends or receives concerning, snooping on the latest Gen Z trends with us!

Ban Corresponding Websites

The most straightforward and brutal force way to ensure there is no GYAT slang in your child’s life is to block their access to Twitch, TikTok, and so on, and generally, take their mobile phone away from them. If you need a means of communication – give your child a Nokia 3310 and chill, being sure that they are safe. There is an environment, however, which can still provide them with access to the internet, but… Here, you can do nothing.


The GYAT term should be included in a special dictionary for kids, along with many other slang words and expressions, as they have become an important part of their lives. It is often hard for parents to communicate with their children exactly because they live in different worlds and speak different languages. The woman GYATT term is generally safe, although it may be a bit misogynistic, so it would be a good idea to explain to your little ones its meaning, why other people may be offended by it, and why it is important to tell you when someone uses this term to them. Good luck!

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John Macfadden

John is a psychologist, relationship expert, and parenting coach with extensive knowledge in child development and behavior management. With years of experience in counseling couples and families, he offers valuable insights and practical advice on fostering healthy relationships and effective parenting strategies. His articles serves as a resource for individuals seeking guidance in navigating the complexities of human interactions and raising well-adjusted children.

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