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May 9, 2022
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Best Parental Control Apps for Android

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Monitoring your child’s activities on their mobile has become a necessity in light of the infamous contents blighting the internet in recent times. Unfortunately, many apps do not offer the necessary protection you would desire to protect your child. Therefore, the onus falls on you as the parent to protect your child from undue exposure to possibly damaging contents.

It is not always easy to regulate kids’ activities on the internet as they often prefer free will to act as they please. But it would help if you were deliberate and steadfast in your desire to manage their time and contents amidst other elements to ensure healthy internet usage. Below are some of the best parental apps you may adopt to guide you on putting parental settings on Android and keeping your kids safe as they surf the net in pursuit of knowledge.

uMobix – Ultimate Android Monitoring Software

Monitoring your child’s activities on mobile is made more accessible with uMobix. It has many unique features that increase its ability to control and monitor your kid’s phone on the internet and their mobile. By guiding you on functions like how to check screen time on Android, track movement, and many more, you can rest assured knowing that your child is not unduly exposed to untoward information on the internet.

Features of uMobix

  • Monitoring of Call Logs

A good thing about uMobix is its compatibility with both Android and iOS. In addition, it allows you to monitor both incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. This is particularly essential as you could quickly note your child’s frequent caller and determine the relationship.

  • Real-Time Monitoring of Internet Activities 

It also helps you limit your kid’s internet usage and enables them to focus on other activities. But, again, this helps avoid over-dependence on the internet.

  • Media Monitoring 

You can view the contents available on your child’s device and delete unwanted content from their media by monitoring the media.

Hoverwatch – Affordable Android Tracker for Multiple Devices

Hoverwatch is another good phone monitoring app for your Android device. It allows you to monitor up to five cell phones using one account. It prides itself as a mobile tracking app that offers anonymous tracking functions. Hoverwatch comes relatively cheap, and with a few dollars, you can get this effective Android tracker active on your device. 

Cocospy – Anonymous Android Parental Control Tool

Cocospy helps you keep track and monitor what is dear to you with its anonymous Android parental control tool that allows you to control your kids’ activities and track their movements. The importance of Cocospy is that while monitoring a device, your child might be unable to detect its presence.

Spyic – Stealthy App for Kids Monitoring

With Spyic, keeping track of your loved ones just got easier. It is a good phone tracking app with which you can easily keep track of your child’s overall activities on their Android OS system. You can view texts and call logs for incoming and outgoing calls. With the GPS function, you can track the movement of your family members. It is not easily detectable due to the stealth nature of the operation. Meaning you can track and monitor a compatible device without being noticed by your child. Like most Android parental control apps, it also helps limit screen time amidst other functionalities of parental spyware.

XNSPY – Monitoring Software with Numerous Features

As a parent concerned about the well-being of your kids, you must utilize parental apps to keep track of their activities. XNSPY is one such parental app that allows you to monitor your kid’s social media interactions. You can also view texts and monitor incoming and outgoing calls. It has a powerful cache that will enable you to spy on calls made by your kids, view their SMS, and many more. XNSPY also allows you to monitor your child’s location to ensure that they are safe. 

How to Set Up Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a free parental control tool that enables monitoring apps, restricting content, setting screen time, and much more. All you need to start monitoring is a Google account for you and your child. However, since the app is free, there is no guarantee that it is as good as its paid analogs, such as uMobix and others. 

Setting up the Google Family Link is seamless. To commence, you need access to both phones – yours and the child’s. Depending on the device, there might be varying steps. But below is the fundamental steps:

  • Proceed to the store on your mobile – Google Play for Android devices and App Store for iPhone users and input a search for the Google Family Link.
  • A guide will pop – follow it and sign in to your account on Google.
  • If you are yet to be profiled as a family manager, you should follow the steps to guide you in setting up a Google Family and profile yourself as the manager or, in some cases, one of the managers.
  • If your child already has an existing account, select it as the account you intend to manage, or in a case where there is no pre-existing account, you should create a new child account.
  • The Google Family Link app is then installed on your child’s phone.
  • Ensure that the two devices are within Bluetooth range, then follow the prompt to link the child’s device to the parent’s.
  • Once this is achieved, you may select apps that you want to allow or block on the child’s phone.

After completing these process, you can proceed to use the Link App on your mobile to carry out the following functions:

  • Management of purchase and downloads settings approvals.
  • Set up age restrictions for apps, TV, games, films, and many more.
  • Set up time limits for screen time allowed to your child and edit the time as you deem fit.
  • Set up a time limit on each app.
  • Detect the current location of your child.
  • Monitor and see the number of screen time your child is using daily and even historically.
  • Lock your child out of their phones if you need to prevent them from using them temporarily.
  • Locate the child’s phone by ringing when it is missing.

It is noteworthy that a child cannot uninstall Family Link. A password is required to remove the child’s account from the parent’s group; only after that is the child’s phone free of any restrictions.

How to Restrict Content in the Google Play Store

If you do not want to use the Family Link, you can achieve the same restriction level for apps, games, TV, books, and films for your child on the Play Store to limit their downloads. Achieving this requires that you launch the app store on your device, search for the settings options, and then click on the “Family” option:

  • Click on the parental controls option and toggle to enable it. Then, enter your PIN to prevent the child from changing the PIN.
  • Ensure the PIN is confirmed before proceeding to the following sections, where you can set restrictions on the Apps you want to restrict.
  • You can restrict apps, games, TV, books, and films. Music used to be one of the sections, but unfortunately, it has been left out.
  • Click on the one you wish to restrict, and different age categories will be made available for you to pick from. You can select the highest age you want to avail your child and then save the settings.

Once these settings are set, your child won’t be able to download content rated above the age restrictions settings you have in place. However, for books, the settings can only work to restrict content based on explicit nature rather than by age. So to prevent your kids from buying free content, you should proceed to the settings menu and click the authentication tab.

How to Choose the Best Android Parental Control App

Selecting an Android parental control app to monitor the activities of your child should be guided by certain factors like:

  • The degree of anonymity offered by the app
  • The cost of installation
  • The functionalities offered by the app

Make the Internet a Safe Place for Your Kids

By restricting your kids’ access to specific websites and apps, you are better able to make the internet safer for your kids. At least for the period when you can protect them pending when they strike out on their own and can make better decisions about the rights and wrongs of the internet.


How can I prevent my child from accessing some data when I give them my device to watch something?

You can proceed to the settings on your device and add a restricted/child mode on your device, which you can activate when you are giving your phone to your child to watch something. Doing this protects your child from being exposed to data on your phone you do not want them to see.

Can parental control on Android apps steal private data?

There is no information on the ability of the parental control app to steal your private data. However, like many applications you install on your device, your phone is always prone to one threat level. The best way to limit this is by only downloading apps from trusted sites.

Can my child turn off the built-in parental controls that I rely on?

The direct answer is yes! If your child is smart enough, they can remove supervision from their device by following simple steps.

How to put parental controls on Android in stealth mode?

Many apps do not allow a stealth mode for monitoring a child’s activity; however, some apps like uMobix will enable you to enable stealth mode to monitor your child’s activity. Its functionality is almost the same as when the supervision icon is visible to your child.

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